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Poured Flooring Options

Poured Flooring Options Simplified

Men Installing Poured Flooring In A Large Warehouse.Poured Flooring Options Come In A Variety Of Colors Including This Blue That Is Being Installed In An Office.Poured Flooring Option Installed In An Auto Garage.

If you are considering some kind of poured flooring for your industrial or commercial establishment, you may not know about all the poured flooring options that are available to you. Granted it all depends on the kind of industrial or commercial venue you are talking about, yet there are definitely answers for every problem encountered in the realm of poured flooring.

Modern-day industrial and commercial floor coating advances permit a superfluity of treatments that can be augmented to make any flooring appropriate for any industry. Science has many solutions to many perplexing flooring problems.

Take a commercial garage situation for instance. Within a commercial garage there will be grease, dropped heavy tools, hot tires, and perhaps even snow or rain dripping from the automobiles being serviced. Thus the poured flooring options for such a garage are necessarily the need for non-slippery flooring. The hot tires and dropped tools also mean that the flooring in that garage must be able to withstand that kind of ill-use. Unfortunately, motorized traffic has often been found to be the bane of many kinds of poured flooring causing floor blight to surface within a very short time after installation.

The specifications or requirements of hospital flooring present yet another locale where the poured flooring options are quite demanding. Hospital flooring must meet some of the most arduous challenges today. After all they wish to promote safe, healing and medically nontoxic flooring options as part of their goals. Hospitals all require highly sustainable products in flooring because they wish to have high performance, time-tested flooring consequences on their hospital floors. Yet a hospital also desires to provide a beautiful environment that is stress free for both the workers as well as the patients. Then as if that were not enough, hospital flooring must be easy to keep antiseptic and meticulously clean. Also a hospital must have non-abrasive flooring when considering that beds, gurneys and even heavy equipment such as portable X-ray machinery are being moved constantly to name but a few of the reasons for needing non-abrasive flooring. Imagine if you will, hospital flooring that cannot resist iodine or mercurochrome either?

All the examples above are probably not the reason you are seeking different poured flooring options. After all is said and done though, we all wish a good flooring that is going to be an absolutely odorless zero-VOC formulation, and we even desire it to create an entirely nontoxic finish. Said finish should also be able to last a lifetime, no matter what happens to it, and in addition we want it to pass as a beautiful floor!

All the requirements mentioned above, and then some are all poured flooring options that are available through Silikal. Silikal flooring is a lifetime, self-leveling flooring that can meet and even exceed the demands made for flooring in those instances, and thus can definitely suit your needs no matter how pressing and demanding they may be. Nothing, but nothing is better than Silikal as an answer to all poured flooring options.

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