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Superior Flooring

The Only Superior Flooring

Superior Flooring In A Bathroom With Stalls.Outdoor Stairwell With Superior Flooring.Man Putting On Shoes In An Industrial Kitchen With Superior Flooring.

Superior flooring sounds like a flooring company located around Lake Superior, doesn’t it? But, actually what it is supposed to mean is that the flooring itself is superior, perhaps loftier or grander in some manner. To someone in the flooring business though it means that whatever flooring is being referred to is more advanced in many different approaches.

Could you by any stretch of the imagination imagine a flooring company that advertises that they carry all manner of flooring from not only carpeting, but also tile, hardwood, and such yet can say that they are sellers of superior flooring including industrial as well as commercial flooring? This positively cannot be, as truly advanced flooring that is capable of being used in any commercial or industrial setting has absolutely got to be Silikal.

You see, huge schools utilize Silikal because nothing is stronger than Silikal and can take the punishment that a school venue can dole out. Manufacturing plants utilize Silikal because of its durability no matter how hot or cool a setting is, and in addition it can take the extreme weights that manufacturing plants are renowned for having. Veterinary locales use Silikal because its superior flooring can adapt quite well to high pressure water cleaning that is necessary there. In addition airplane hangars use Silikal because Silikal is impervious to one of the most damaging liquids known to man acknowledged as spilled jet fuel. In addition Silikal has been used over and over again in automobile bays, where the mechanics are liable to slip and slide in grease and oils because Silikal can be rendered slip resistant. Let us not forget that Silikal is also used where babies are kept such as nursery schools because Silikal is a flooring that will absolutely not out gas as many different floors might, thus damaging the tender lungs of tiny babies.

One could go on and on about where Silikal will be used as superior flooring, but then we have omitted one extremely important factor about Silikal and that is that it will definitely outlast any other flooring. Silikal has been named “lifetime” flooring because that is how long it is expected to last. Unlike tile, and even other poured flooring that might discolor due to solar yellowing, Silikal retains the same beauty and excellence that it showed the day it was installed. Commercial areas such as airports and huge retail chains which previously had to replace their flooring with Silikal because it was worn due foot traffic, now marvel at what their floor shows even years after installation. Where Silikal has been utilized in food processing plants, they cannot stop being awed how the floors take even boiling water cleansing in addition to caustic cleansers over and over again, but come out looking brand new.

It seems that when speaking about superior flooring then, it is a moot point, for nothing is more superior in regards to flooring than Silikal. Anything else is but a poor imitation of Silikal and should not be named superior flooring.

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