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Franchise Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring That Meets The Demands Of Any Franchise


Chef Preparing Food While Standing On Franchise Kitchen Flooring.Orange Franchise Kitchen Flooring With Inset Drain.Flooring In Busy Franchise Kitchen That Enhances The All Metal Cabinets.Surely we all know that kitchen flooring is an animal all to itself. In commercial kitchens accidents seem to happen just as they do in residential kitchens, the only difference being that often the commercial kitchen’s messes are a bit bigger. After all a pizza maker might have to wear a hair net if he or she has shoulder length hair, right? Now, if that pizza maker is a franchisee there is even more regulatory need for a hair net. After all franchises make the rules that the franchisee must abide by in order to maintain that franchise.

For instance there are franchises that delineate what kind of flooring will be laid in the franchise kitchens. Ordinarily they choose some kind of flooring that offers an engaging permutation of value, maintainability, durability and even aesthetics. In other words they choose not only the colors but also the patterns that will be integrated in the kitchen flooring that is coordinated with the particular look of the restaurant, especially when the franchise kitchen flooring can be seen by the general public.

More often than not, their choice of franchise kitchen flooring must have the enhanced performance that is required in today’s heavily challenging commercial environments. Resilience is one of the marks of superior franchise kitchen flooring, thus they are sometimes exigent in demanding the more technologically advanced flooring available from flooring industries. The reason is of course that those kinds of flooring deliver optimum durability. Thus they choose flooring that delivers the most durable floors.

The reasons for this are many, but of course the franchise companies are always totally in the know as to which types of flooring will pass the requirements of such governmental inspection groups such as the Department of Public Health, and even the NFPA which is the National Fire Protection Association. Their often totally unannounced inspections will inspect flooring for those which may hold moisture as well as bacteria from the many food spills that can happen in a commercial kitchen. The flooring cannot be problematic to maintain, nor can it ever be slippery when it is wet. Floor maintenance of course calls for regular cleaning and it must withstand the harsh cleaning methods which sometimes require even steam cleaning periodically.

It really does not matter what kind of food franchise you are into. Whether it is chicken, Bar-B-Q, coffee, deli, hamburgers, fish and seafood, hotdogs and sausages, Mexican, Italian, pizza, vegetarian, or a full service restaurant, all of the franchise kitchen flooring will be looked carefully over by the franchise to make sure it serves their purpose.

There is one very special kind of franchise kitchen flooring that is acceptable regardless of the franchise involved and that is Silikal. The reasons are legendary, but mostly because it answers any and all problems that can be had concerning flooring. It is rendered non slippery when wet, it is all in one piece, referred to as monolithic, and will never develop even the tiniest of pinholes that allow anything to pierce it or slip beneath it. Franchises love it, and so will you if you are seeking a great floor for your franchise.

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