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Seamless Flooring Solution

The Solution To Finding Seamless Flooring

Commercial Kitchen With The Solution To Seamless Flooring.Doctor's Office Hallway With Seamless Flooring Solution.Seamless Office Flooring Solution That Has Inlaid Silhouettes.

Why should any flooring be seamless? After all, wood floors in hospitals did just fine in the days of our grandfathers. Then came tile floors and when they were first installed, we never envisioned anything being able to get under tile even when installed in commercial kitchens. Then when press-on tile floors became the rage, they were even in our dentist’s offices, and we never gave a thought about what could possibly get under those.

How our times have changed. Now, thanks to advanced scientific studies, we are now fully aware of the dangers that such flooring can present. Scientists tell us that for instance wood and even tile, allows all manner of microbes to infiltrate beneath the joints that are contained in such flooring. For instance dirty water and other filth can seep through the grout of tile flooring, thus it’s not the fault of the tile per se that creates the problems associated with tile flooring, but the grout. Thus the need for a seamless flooring solution.

You see the grout is not a seamless flooring system, and in fact is extremely porous. Its porosity enables it to have all kinds of dirty water enter into it which then infiltrates under the tile. Once this happens it festers there. Next mildew grows, and all manner of different molds will establish themselves under the tile. Tiles will eventually begin to pop off, and that’s usually when the problems under the tile will be exposed.

Though many have tried to somehow seal the grout around tile that is a most difficult proposition, as all it takes is a hairline fracture in the grout, and the problem returns. It is truly unfortunate that few are aware that there are actually 1,500,000 different species of fungi. Even more staggering is the fact that 80 of those are what are called allergenic, meaning that they cause terrible allergies in some, especially children, the elderly and anyone whose immunity has been weakened for some reason. Various names of the more common fungi encountered beneath tile are Stachybotrys, Periconia, Penicillium, Cladosporium, Chaetomium, Basidiospores, Aspergillus, and finally Alternaria.

We have all heard of VOCs but not everyone knows that it stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and even fewer are aware that molds such as those listed above, also release VOCs! Then VOCs will cause upper respiratory torments and may even lead to some pulmonary diseases such as asthma. Thus, at this point, what’s categorically required to clear away those serious problems is to have a totally seamless flooring solution installed.

However, it is important to have flooring installed that is not only seamless but one which also has absolutely no traces of VOCs, of course. You will certainly be entirely relieved to hear that one such flooring exists by the name of Silikal. Silikal is the totally seamless flooring solution that has absolutely no VOCs, and the best news yet about Silikal is that it is a lifetime flooring. That means that there will never be the need to replace it, nothing will ever seep under it, and thus all problems with any kind of fungi growth will be instantly taken care of.

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