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Eco Waterproof Flooring

Flooring That Is Truly Eco Waterproof

Eco Waterproof Flooring Being Hosed Down.Eco Waterproof Flooring Around A Pool.Automatic Carwash With Eco Waterproof Flooring.

The ECO in waterproof flooring means that it is not in any way or manner harmful to the ecology. There are many companies who claim to have Eco waterproof flooring, but once you dig a bit deeper, you find that it is not truly waterproof, and often there are additives in the flooring that makes it in no way ecologically sound.

For instance a quick look around the Net will turn up so called “eco waterproof flooring” but speaking to insurance companies one finds out that they had to pay for many of the so called waterproof floors when floods hit the Northeast part of the United States. Here’s what we found under eco waterproof flooring:

Basically what we found were laminates. In the advertisements it clearly states that “unique waterproof and acoustic properties eliminate most water, moisture and sound problems of typical wood and laminate floors. 100% waterproof.” OK, wait, hold the phone. You said eliminates most water, and moisture problems, then you claim it to be 100% waterproof. So, which is it?

It is amazing that so many companies would advertise thusly. Prove it to yourself, and go to your favorite search engine and put in “Waterproof flooring” and see what the research turns up. How can any type of laminate flooring be waterproof? It simply sounds like, and is, pure puffery.

If something is 100% waterproof, then it should stand up to huge amounts of water, not “most” water. One envisions that their tests consisted of a few sprinkles of water, then they dried off the water, and proclaimed it 100% waterproof. That’s purely amazing. Surely flood waters created huge damages to those 100% waterproof floors.

The ludicrous idea of a laminate floor floating away among the debris of a flood is probably what most people saw in reality and when they returned to their place of business. Also chances are that those laminates had swollen and engorged in a manner making those floors practically impossible to even consider placing them back on the floors they had originally covered. So much water had actually become sponged into those “waterproof” floors that the subflooring was in total shambles.

It would seem to any thinking person that waterproof ought to actually mean waterproof. Now, there is a truly waterproof flooring available on the market, and it is accurately and honestly waterproof. That flooring is called Silikal.

It was originally manufactured in Germany by some of their leading flooring scientists. The predominant ingredient in it is MMA which stands for Methyl Methacrylate. The German scientists took on MMA and noted that it did not last very long as flooring. Granted though, it was 100% waterproof since when water is introduced on an MMA floor, all it does is bead up. The reason for that is that MMA repels water, it does not suck it in. Then those scientists went one step further with the MMA and they enhanced it with a secret ingredient. Their enhanced MMA now serves for a lifetime, it is 100% waterproof because it is a contiguous membrane, known in flooring as being monolithic, and that means that it is totally seamless. So, if you need Eco waterproof flooring, get Silikal, as it also has no VOCs!

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