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Poured Floor Covering

Monolithic Poured Floor Covering

Poured Floor Covering Around Drain In Commercial Bathroom.Forklift On Poured Floor Covering In A Warehouse.Walk-in Freezer With Poured Floor Covering.

When people speak of a poured floor covering, there are a few who are not at all sure what that really means. A poured floor covering is actually basically new, meaning that it has been used in construction for the last 50 years or so. There have been tremendous new products introduced lately, many of which are called poured floor covering.

Case in point is a poured floor covering that is actually made of rubber. The way this is made is to create a concrete base, and when the concrete is dry, yet another product is utilized, called a crushed aggregate base. This is usually about 3 inches thick and it is then compacted. Still another product is utilized, and that is termed Styrene butadiene rubber, and finally it is blended with a binder. The work is not done yet, as then that is followed by a Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer that will also be blended along with a polyurethane binder. Now finally, bingo — you have a poured rubber floor covering that will last a fair amount of time.

These poured rubber floors are mostly utilized in commercial or industrial establishments. As you can readily see, using that kind of poured floor covering is first of all extremely time consuming, and it raises the floor more than the customer desires, and worst yet it will not last anywhere near a lifetime.

The problem faced by the commercial or industrial establishments is that they do not wish to have an epoxy floor installed, nor do they wish to try out a combined Polyaspartic Polyurea, as that does not last a lifetime either. In fact those kinds of poured flooring last about as long as the one year installment warranty most flooring companies offer.

Those who do their homework and look to see what other solutions are being offered, often find a product called MMA. MMA is not a rubberized flooring, nor is it Polyaspartic Polyurea, but instead is actually a methyl methacrylate (MMA) system of various resins. It allows the product to cure within an hour of application, it is temperature insensitive, solvent free, and acid resistant.

But more homework is needed, for a number of processes for poured floor covering utilize this MMA system. Thus one needs to dig into it a little deeper to unearth which company to affiliate with to have this truly amazing flooring put down in an establishment utilized for commercial or industrial usage. Granted it is that promise of being able to return the poured floor covering to service after only one hour following the application that is the most tempting.

Looking into MMA products further, will then turn up a manufactured flooring named Silikal. Its use in commercial and industrial locations has not only been proven for years and years, but it is a “one of a kind” product that Silikal’s own scientists have generated. It too is made from MMA, but has been taken one step further and Silikal calls this wonder of theirs Enhanced MMA. Finally, this product will last a lifetime!

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