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Hospital Flooring Materials

Key Materials in Hospital Flooring

Hospital Flooring Materials In Waiting Room. Hospital Flooring Materials In Operating Room.Hallway With White Jackets Hanging Over Hospital Floor Material.

Often the first place that one enters a hospital is through the emergency room. Of course, that means that emergency rooms turn out to be the most demanding areas in any hospital, and naturally that flooring material has stringent prerequisites for complete safety, total reliability and naturally the extreme demands for controlling infection. Not all flooring can meet those critical demands. After all any emergency room flooring must handle extreme foot traffic, and in addition it has to resist such things as various chemicals, strong pigments, and even constant abrasion from the rolling weights as well as medical equipment.

From the emergency rooms, one then travels into the interminable highways of hallway flooring, all of which have their own flooring demands. That flooring must have practical options for those hospital corridors, which now may need to aesthetically match the building design of the hospital, but those floors will also need to take punishing heavy traffic.

One then might enter into various testing areas that make up the heart of the hospital. Exam room flooring frequently needs to put both medical staffing, as well as patients at ease. Such flooring will thus need to be not only comfortable and ultra-clean environments but that flooring also will have to be able to stand up to the wear and tear occasioned there, yet still serve in calming anxious patients. Most wish to have hospital flooring material that is contemporary in design in order to assuage that “institutional” look. But also the hospital administrators want those floors to also have stain resistance, yet have a tremendous ease of maintenance.

Perhaps our patient is in labor, and thus will be taken to the labor and delivery sector of the hospital. Administrators want this particular environment to be as warm and inviting as possible. On the other hand, they wish for the flooring to be highly durable, have long-lasting beauty, and provide underfoot comfort too. They consider the fact that it has to have high cleanability, yet also be resistant to impact as well as to heavy rolling equipment there too.

But, maybe our patient needs to be immediately taken to an operating room. Now imagine the demands that flooring will make. In this case sterility is the number one priority of course, along with once more the need for high cleanability over and over again.

Now, our patient may be taken to their room. Hospital flooring materials need to be conducive to being a safe, highly comfortable healing environment. Thus the flooring must be not just hygienic, but also slip resistant, and again superbly easy to keep clean. More than anywhere in the hospital, low VOC emissions from flooring is not enough, it must be a no VOC emission flooring for patients deserve not only healthier, but much cleaner air to recuperate properly.

Chances are that our patient will never see the telecom area of the hospital, yet administrators recognize the importance of having anti-static flooring there. Only such flooring will maintain and protect all of the electronic equipment now common in our hospitals.

If you are a hospital administrator, the answer to all of those imperative needs is Silikal flooring. Only Silikal is capable of undertaking all the above and still be lifetime flooring.

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