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Commercial Construction Flooring Selection

Flooring That Covers All Commercial Construction Needs

Commercial Construction Walk-In Freezer With Specialty Flooring.Commercial Construction Flooring In Blood Bank.Dentist Office Chair Sitting On Commercial Construction Flooring.

When we speak of commercial construction flooring we are negating personal home flooring as well as industrial flooring. Thus that excludes all of the residential type flooring markets. So, then what is left are such locations as the K-12 market, universities and colleges, hospitals and clinic centers, in fact the entire healthcare market, airport terminals, as well as all government buildings to name a few.

Thus no matter the commercial entity involved, there are four general factors usually indicated in selecting commercial construction flooring. First is the cost that will be expended in installation. Next is the durability as well as the reliability of the product. Following this, consider the quality of the product, inclusive of its performance. And finally, look at the aesthetics of any commercial construction flooring product.

There is one more very important factor in choosing the correct commercial construction flooring, especially if this is a new floor in an existing location. That factor is how long the commerce will be forced to shut down. For instance, taking into account hospitals and other healthcare facilities, there is no way that an entire hospital can shut down so that new flooring can be installed. And still another important factor is the breathable air that will take place if new flooring is put down. All healthcare facilities will wish to take that into consideration, and thus a “low” VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) product absolutely will not do, healthcare facilities require a “no” VOC product. VOCs have after all been proven to cause health problems in the elderly, children and those with compromised immune deficiencies.

It all makes sense to use a “no” VOC flooring, since the organic chemicals are actually made of fuel. Thus flooring releases VOCs even when in use, so that the flooring products which are “low” VOC ones, still emit VOCs after installation.

Looking over the important factors in selecting commercial construction flooring now, it is quite easy to submit the very best flooring that fits all of these factors extremely well. Thus we will take each individually.

Cost is not always initial cost. That is because there is often maintenance cost that has to be factored in. For example many types of flooring only last so long before they need to be refinished, or perhaps simply polished, and some flooring will actually need replacement. Durability and reliability actually should last a lifetime if it’s the right product. Quality and performance also fit into durability and reliability, so that too should last a lifetime. Aesthetics are of course highly important, and the product must thus be extremely versatile. Finally we have the VOC concern. Did you know that Silikal is the “right” answer to ALL those concerns since it is also a “no” VOC flooring which lasts a lifetime? Selecting Silikal’s commercial construction flooring meets the needs of any type of facility.

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