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MMA Resin

What is MMA Resin?

Ski Shop With MMA Resin Flooring.Public Restroom With MMA Resin Flooring.Industrial Space With MMA Resin Flooring.

One often hears the terms MMA resin, but what is it exactly, and why should one utilize it when considering commercial or industrial flooring? Those questions and even more will be answered by this small article.

To begin with, MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylate, and is thus shortened to MMA since Methyl Methacrylate is quite a mouthful to say. MMA is an organic compound, and if you’ll remember your classes in chemistry, it means that it contains some carbon molecules. OK, chemistry class is now over, now let’s discuss the incredible usefulness of MMA resin.

MMA resin is actually used in acrylic plastics. One of the best examples might be in a huge aquarium such as can be found in Georgia. You see acrylic aquariums such as that one, are actually 17 times stronger as well as 50% lighter than any glass tank could be. In addition, aquarium tanks made of acrylic will have all its seams molecularly bonded instead of being silicone glued which means that it’s practically indestructible.

Because MMA is completely colorless, and is fully transparent, you should once more refer to the example of the aquarium and envision what it’s like seeing true color when observing all manner of aquatic life, and you can then somewhat comprehend why it’s so useful in flooring.

Next realize the absolute strength that MMA resin has. Going back to that Georgia Aquarium, we are told that the MMA there is actually holding back an astonishing 8.5 million gallons of water. No wonder then that MMA floor coatings are waterproof and last so long!

This is because when Silikal lays down a floor it is all in one solid piece. In flooring parlance, this is referred to as being monolithic, and Silikal is just that, totally monolithic.

Back to a little science, you see with Silikal being monolithic, it further means that it will never develop even a pinhole to allow an infinitesimal amount of water through it. Now, only Silikal’s waterproof flooring will do this, because they have perfected MMA. This is why Silikal refers to their material as “enhanced” MMA. Their scientists have discovered something that prevents even pinholes from forming in the MMA.

This easily explains why Silikal is recognized as the best floor covering for commercial and industrial uses. Silikal enhanced MMA material can be changed, but it can never be destroyed. Hence that’s why Silikal can be referred to as being the most “perfect flooring” possible. It will enable Silikal to potentially last a lifetime.

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