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Poured Flooring Types

The Many Poured Flooring Types Available Today

Boxes Speed Across Conveyer Belts In Factory With Poured Flooring.Commercial Kitchen With Poured Flooring Types.Cows Standing On Poured Flooring At Dairy.

There are many poured flooring types, all depending on the optimum final use you are seeking. Often times there is a specific reason for using one type and not another. For instance, perhaps your company desires to have a renewable flooring installed. Or, they may be seeking instead to have something that is totally slip resistant, and of course there are many poured flooring types that can be rendered exceptionally non-slip.

Some companies are seeking a poured flooring type that can be made impact resistant. That mainly appeals to commercial garages, and even some distribution chains who utilize forklifts. Yet another need for a different flooring type may be a company that utilizes many different types of electronics, thus what they usually seek is a poured flooring type that can be totally antistatic in order to preserve the electronics they use.

There are even some commercial establishments who are seeking some type of poured flooring which can be cured in a low temperature. This may include a company that deals in frozen foods, or perhaps a company that has many freezers filled to the brim with frozen goods that will ultimately go to grocery stores.

Also, there is a plethora of various food establishments. They want a floor that is superbly easy to clean, and some deal in foods that do require messes to be made. This includes bakeries or dairies, where spillage may frequently occur. We must also include commercial kitchens in this requirement, for after all they need to pass all manner of inspections, yet spills do occur there also.

Imagine the poured flooring types that are necessary for a rendering plant, as yet another example. Those floors may become greasy as the work is processed, and quite often harsh cleaners are utilized for cleaning, but in addition often they employ steam cleaners for those locations.

A chemical company will need some kind of poured flooring type that can actually resist chemical spills. Now, that’s a very tall order for flooring, as it would be for a laboratory, where they also have chemical spills. Not all poured flooring types can resist that kind of punishment.

Further, take into consideration an airplane hangar. Within the parameters of that flooring has to be the need to resist hot tires, as well as the machines that pull the airplane out of its hangar. Strangely enough one of the most difficult items to deal with in such a hangar is jet fuel. Jet fuel seems to “eat away” almost all poured flooring types.

There is but one answer to all the problems listed above as far as poured flooring types, and that is Silikal. Silikal has been especially engineered to do all of the above, including resisting all kinds of chemical spills including jet fuel, and it will last a lifetime, even when forklifts are utilized on it. Food establishments, rendering plants, and other companies find that cleanup with a Silikal floor is actually a breeze! So, no matter what kind of poured flooring types you are considering make sure you also check out Silikal and you’ll be very happily surprised.

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