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Flooring Designed to Last

Long Lasting Flooring With Enhanced Design

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Designed to last is a rather nebulous term, for some users it means at least two or three years, but to others they would require their flooring to last at least 10 years. As said, “last” is a rather nebulous term.

On the other hand archeologists have found that the Romans not only knew about tile, but used it in many of their buildings. It was thought that the motivation for tile was perhaps for occupational reasons, but the point is that this was in their minds as flooring designed to last. And last it did, obviously for centuries. Thus, this has led many to consider tile as flooring to last.

There is unfortunately one point that some people seem to overlook though, and that is tile is only going to last as long as nothing gets underneath it. You see tile is bounded by grout. Grout, even when sealed will lose that seal eventually and any liquid on that tile floor will unfortunately seep into the grout and ultimately go underneath the tile. Once that happens, more water will find its way under the tile, and odors begin to rise from it. Now remember that we said that tile lasts, but unfortunately once water goes under tile, the next thing that happens is that tiles begin to pop up. Granted, the tiles themselves do last, but the flooring does not.

The very same thing happens to wood flooring as we know. Again many have tried to seal it, but the products they used have not lasted, and once more the floor covering is not designed to last. Then too there is “engineered” wood flooring, which in actuality is not really wood flooring. It is instead an extremely fine floor coating of some kind of hardwood, which is then laminated directly on a plywood foundation. Of course it is not going to last, given how thin the hardwood is, and eventually it wears off, exposing the plywood which then is extremely unpleasant to see.

Now real marble, granite and slate will last close to a hundred years, but one has to be extremely careful with it, and it certainly should not be utilized in commercial areas, warehouses or in industrial areas, as breakage is certainly a serious concern. At this point in time, many will say that this certainly does not leave anything that even comes close to flooring designed to last. The problem with this thought is that they have not yet heard of Silikal.

Silikal flooring is definitely flooring designed to last, and it is even referred to as lifetime flooring so great is its reputation for lasting. Silikal was created by scientists who labored extensively to find an additive to make MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring no longer develop tiny little pin like holes in it following installation. They had realized that MMA was excellent for flooring to last, but those pinholes stopped it from lasting as long as it should. Thus enhanced MMA came along, and now Silikal lasts and lasts!

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