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Premium Commercial Flooring

Not All Commercial Flooring Can Be Considered “Premium”

Football Stadium With Premium Commercial Flooring.High Foot Traffic On Premium Flooring In Commercial Building.Premium Commercial Flooring With Flakes To Match The Blue Locker-room.

As amazing as the results are there are times when looking something up on the Web creates some very surprising results. For example seeking “premium commercial flooring” might even bring back results for laminate flooring! Extremely surprising as the second word of this search was definitely the word “commercial” and thus we are asked to believe that a laminate would have patented fine art technology enough to be utilized in a commercial venue!

Anyone in flooring would find this positively ludicrous of course, since commercial flooring must be substantially stronger than any technology could possibly bring to laminate. Commercial use implies that the flooring would have to put up with a great number of circumstances that would challenge this flooring.

These challenges include a tremendous amount of wear and tear from just human feet, which is actually referred to as foot traffic. It is amazing what foot traffic can do to floor coatings since it does not appear to be extremely destructive. However, the soles of human footwear retain a terrific amount of debris, much of which is actually tiny little particles that look like sand, but are of course consistent with sandpaper, and you know what sandpaper does to even very hearty strong pieces of wood. Thus when speaking of commercial flooring one must take into account what high foot traffic will do to the flooring prior to choosing something as possibly fragile as laminate. After all the abrasion resistance of laminate is nowhere as strong as many different types of flooring covering.

It seems the word “premium” is often misleading too, as it does not often relate to a product that is the very best available. In using the word premium we meant for it to be communicated as being the best, superior, first-class, in fact the finest available. Thus it will be up to us to decide what can be defined as premium commercial flooring. Now that we think on it, there is but one product that defines premium commercial flooring and that is Silikal.

Because we intend to present flooring that will stand up to any commercial use, only Silikal can fit within those parameters. Silikal is incredibly tough, able to withstand any amount of foot traffic no matter how abrasive the bottoms of their feet are. This is why you will find Silikal used in shopping malls all over the world, as well as in areas such as stadiums, and even in airports. We bring up airports because airports do have an inordinate amount of pedestrian traffic. Every day thousands of people will come through terminal buildings, thus they often feature Silikal since Silikal is premium commercial flooring!

And so at last we have found a premium commercial flooring that can be used in the same breath and that all search engines should return. Ordinarily we need to be careful by what is meant by premium commercial flooring, but in this case it is quite simple as Silikal IS premium commercial flooring.

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