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Quality Floor Coats

Talking Quality Coats for Floors

Bar With Stools Resting On Quality Floor Coating.Large Commercial Bakery With Some Flour Spilled On The Quality Floor Coating.Large Beverage Vats Sit On Quality Floor Coats.

There are a huge number of quality floor coats for an even bigger number of various needs. For instance the needs of a medical research facility will not be the same as the needs of an aircraft hangar, a machine shop, or a food processing plant. Each of those will have special needs which will decide on what is a quality floor coat for that particular industry.

A restaurant for example may seek to change their ambiance. They may want quality floor coats that might produce a rustic natural stone look with river rocks, while a more modern restaurant may seek an unobtrusive flooring that blends in more with the d├ęcor rather than call attention to the flooring. Granted as both are restaurants, both will want a product that is totally sealed against moisture intrusion, and both will desire their kitchens to be treated so that they are completely non slip in order to reduce slip and falls by their kitchen staff and assorted chefs and sous chefs.

Looking at some condominiums constructed today which may have underground parking garages, walkways and even balconies that require quality floor coats, there are various floor systems that will accommodate all of their needs. However the condominium should not have to go from one company to another to find the right products. Regardless of what is specifically needed, quality floor coats can all be found through Silikal.

Silikal was originally from Germany and since has been known for its quality floor coats for all manner of industries. Take the food industry for example such as a large bakery. Even though such a plant as well as all its machinery must be maintained ultra clean at all times, perhaps at one time their flooring was new, but it certainly was not Silikal. Thus they began to notice tiny cracks as well as fissures begin to develop in their flooring. They ascertained that it was caused by the temperature fluctuations in the bakery, as well as various vibrations from their large equipment. In addition, they were told that the aggressive chemicals they had used to clean their floors exacerbated the problem tremendously. They understood that their flooring was about to turn into the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria as well as germs, and before it could have a hard impact on the quality of their products, they called Silikal.

Silikal covered with them the various quality floor coats they had, and further explained that the entire new flooring could be installed overnight, thus not disrupting their bakery more than a few hours. They were impressed that once laid in place Silikal was ready for business only one hour later, and that Silikal is a no VOC product. They were even more impressed when they were told that Silikal is a potentially lifetime floor due to it being the highest quality floor coat.

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