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Easy to Clean Restaurant Flooring Solution

Easy to Clean Restaurant Floors

Kitchen Counters And Easy To Clean Restaurant Flooring.Drains Inset Into Easy To Clean Restaurant Floors.Man Squeegeeing Water Into Drain On Easy To Clean Restaurant Flooring.

A tremendous part of owning or running a restaurant is cleaning it. Federal and State laws insist on cleanliness, but most owners or managers of a restaurant also have a personal desire to make sure their restaurant is the epitome of a sanitary restaurant. Those flooring salespeople who visit restaurants which are in need of new flooring will tell you that the first question posed to them is “Is this an easy to clean restaurant flooring?”

Chances are that the flooring salesperson will tell this restaurant manager or owner about the propensities and benefits of having totally seamless flooring. The salesperson will emphasize how anything that is not seamless poses a losing battle with cleanliness, and that the reasons are that food and dirty water will gain access to the subfloor, and then it festers there. The salesperson will guide the owner/manager toward further understanding what goes on underneath that flooring, pointing out that it means that yeast, bacteria, microbes and even viruses are replicating, not to mention mold, as well as fungus. Thus eventually there exists a very nasty and foul odor emanating from the flooring which then pervades throughout the entire restaurant. The owner/manager usually takes this one step further and murmurs something to the effect: “then my chances of receiving a passing inspection grade on my restaurant go down the toilet!”

Granted no respectable salesperson would have used such graphic language to describe what happens next, but aside from the language used, the owner/manager was totally correct in their dire assumption. After all it has happened time and again to all manner of restaurants, some even 5 star restaurants, and some without a star to their name.

The salesperson would next undoubtedly explain that even the best MMA (methyl methacrylate) flooring can experience this since it takes only a tiny point of entry such as perhaps a miniscule pinhole for the entire sub flooring in any restaurant kitchen to be fully compromised. Hopefully by this point, the salesperson will introduce Silikal into the stew pot, informing the owner/manager that the full kitchen floor always must be fully and strictly seamless to adequately prevent insects, bacterial and mold infestation hazards.

The salesperson can then point out that Silikal does not utilize MMA for easy to clean restaurant flooring, but actually utilizes its own trademarked enhanced MMA, and that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Reiterating how easy their Silikal restaurant flooring will be to clean all the while showing the owner/manager pictures of other restaurants whose Silikal floors gleam with such a clean feeling, what should happen next is that the owner/manager will undoubtedly want to know where to sign.

Pity the poor salesperson who has not even had a chance to talk about how long the flooring will last, or how it contains absolutely no VOCs, since all that can be done at this point is point to where the signature should be affixed. Too bad for the salesperson, right?

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