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Architectural Flooring Choices

Colorful and Functional Flooring Choices for Architects

Yellow Architectural Flooring Around An Indoor Pool.Architectural Flooring Choices For Veranda.River Rock Choice For Architectural Flooring.

What is an architect other than a designer who designs buildings from the ground up? Included in that design is often the architect’s vision of what the floor should not only look like but how serviceable that flooring will be. Thus divergent architectural flooring choices are often needed and desired by an architect. Often an architect wishes to combine texture with colors yet still maintain the absolute functionality of the floor, and that’s where architectural flooring choices are of extreme importance.

Following the designs of the walls and where they will go, floors are then the leading component considered in any interior design scheme. This is because they offer the architect a tremendous platform to develop their vision and feel of whatever environment they are creating. Imagine a retail store selling expensive clothing. Having a fashionable floor may actually give that certain store a very competitive edge – for it becomes part of the fashionable ambiance desired by the store owner. Having that kind of floor may even impress the consumer, and because it is a fashionable environment, chances are that it might even encourage someone to make a purchase.

For example, today the techniques of making flooring appear to be of imported marble will lead someone to think it is marble when it is actually a product of tremendous technology. There are several beautiful natural stone textures available, including river rock flooring. Few seamless flooring systems are able to provide increased cleanability, low maintenance, wear resistance, and yet offer outstanding aesthetics. It is surprising that any flooring preserves the look it had when it was brand new, and retain that look over a tremendous amount of time without needing to ever be replaced.

What is interesting is that no matter the requirements of any consumer, be it that retail store, an entire shopping mall, or even a veterinary office, there is a perfect solution for any of those because the architectural flooring choices have grown at a staggering rate. The technical properties of flooring systems have also grown, so that color availability or appearance can be easily met.

There are, however only a few companies that most architects have confidence in to deliver this kind of flooring, and that is Silikal. First, Silikal has a ton of different flooring products that seem to fit into the designs that architects envision. Those products are not only beautiful in their own right, but also can be laid quickly and efficiently. In addition, the Silikal products are “green” which is important to the construction industry, as LEED points are available for using Silikal. However, the biggest reason for utilizing Silikal flooring is its longevity. Architects realize that Silikal is their only choice for flooring that can potentially be there just as long as their buildings.

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