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Tough Floor Coatings

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Tough Floor Coatings

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Mention tough floor coatings to someone and they might nod and say “Oh, yeah urethane floor coatings.” However if you truly seek tough floor coatings, what is known as urethane concrete is certainly not the best product for a tough floor coating. Urethane floor coatings are not long lasting at all, therefore can they really be called tough?

The answer is very unlikely, as urethane floor coatings are not as long lasting as some other tough floor coatings. Then too, polyurethane floor coatings can be very dangerous. The inhalation of its fumes as it is being installed can make people rather sick. And even further along, when the product is supposedly totally dry, it can give off what is known in the flooring industry as off gassing. What that means is that those sensitive to its toxins may have physical effects from it that are very unpleasant. So, all in all those seeking tough floor coatings need to stay away from polyurethanes.

One further disadvantage to the use of polyurethanes is that the product is possibly going to yellow. Let’s face it yellowed urethane is not a pleasant sight, especially in a commercial establishment. Partly because so many people used urethane floor coatings in the past, urethane has definitely received a bad name all around. It is unfortunate that so many did use it and now wonder what to do with their flooring. Many did not know, meaning that they were totally unaware that urethane floor coatings are considered very old technology, and that there are so many better products out there than urethane.

One of those better products out there is Silikal. Silikal is definitely not a urethane product. When Silikal is installed, no one needs to leave the building or leave for three blocks around due to the fumes if they are sensitive to such odors. Silikal is a cement floor covering reactive resin system, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Back to not having to evacuate people when Silikal is installed, few realize that Silikal is completely VOC free and it contains absolutely no solvents. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, and thus it is important to utilize flooring that has no VOCs. It is part of Silikal’s green solution to make sure there are no VOCs in its products. You see, Silikal is definitely environmentally friendly.

By saying that Silikal contains no solvents, do keep in mind what solvents are. For instance other coatings may contain acetone, glycol ethers, ethyl acetate, and perhaps aliphatic hydrocarbons. None of these are considered good for inhalation by humans.

And so also keep in mind that there are no stronger or tougher floor coatings than Silikal. Silikal is beginning to be considered as potentially lasting a lifetime, because often Silikal will outlive a property it has been installed within!

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