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Long Lasting Commercial Floors Designed For Longevity

Commercial Floors That Are Long Lasting, Even Under Repeated Duress

Forklift Driving Over Long Lasting Commercial FloorLong Lasting Commercial Floor Applied To Stairs.Cleats On Long Lasting Commercial Floors In Locker-Room.

Commercial flooring is notorious for having a tremendous amount of traffic coming and going across it, thus wear and tear is a prime component for seeking long lasting commercial floors. For a truly good example consider how much traffic goes over your local grocery store floor. What’s interesting is that each step counts, as does each roll of the cart’s wheels in determining how much traffic that particular flooring endures on any given day, week or month.

Granted there are all manner of commercial floors, from a tiny lady’s dress shop, to a warehouse, or one of those gigantic stores that sell in bulk, and each one of those will occasion their own wear and tear on the commercial flooring that has been used in each case. Looking at the warehouse, it will undoubtedly have more wear and tear than the other two locations. The biggest reason is that forklifts are the mainstay of warehouses, thus we know the unrestricted damage that flooring will need to put up with from the forklifts.

Those commercial enterprises who try to save some money by telling themselves that their companies will not need a floor to last forever, as they do not have a horde of people tramping through their office, nor do they have any use for forklifts, often try to have cheaper floors laid in their office. First thing that usually happens is that the owner of the company notices that the flooring in the office is beginning to look peaked and tired. Word about this gets passed around until the head of the maintenance department decides to do something and the floor is rejuvenated much to the joy of the upper echelon. The problem is that unfortunately three months later, it looks even worse, and so the detailing of that floor is repeated and repeated. Finally wear marks where people’s desk chairs are located make their appearance, and those wear marks take on a truly horrible appearance. So, they did not have a floor that lasts forever, just as they wished for.

That’s such a shame as there is flooring that lasts seemingly forever, and that is Silikal. Silikal floors have been known to outlast the building they are installed within. These long lasting commercial floors are notorious for being able to stand up to even forklift torture without even the slightest damage. Whether it is true or not, Silikal has earned the moniker of “lifetime flooring” for lack of more adequate wording to describe its long lasting powers.

That means that under any instance whether in a grandstand used outside with hordes of people tramping in throughout the months, or in a huge supermarket, the floor will remain as beautiful as the day it was laid with a modicum of care. That office installation mentioned above will have those beautiful floors the day that building is razed in order to construct a larger and newer building which is certainly a strange way of looking at flooring’s life, yet it’s all true!

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