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Durable Restaurant Flooring You Can’t Go Wrong With

Flooring Durable Enough To Handle All Your Restaurant Can Dish

Chef Standing On Durable Flooring While Cooking In A Restaurant.Blue Color Durable Flooring Close-Up Of Restaurant Floor.Stools Rest Upon Durable Restaurant Flooring.

Whenever a salesperson and estimator from flooring goes to look over a restaurant in order to give an estimate, the salesperson will undoubtedly be asked how easy the flooring will be to keep clean first, and the second question is invariably how long will the flooring last? Durable restaurant flooring is of extreme importance to any restauranteur since they probably have gone through a number of floor treatments prior to the invitation for us to come give them an estimate. A restauranteur does not have an easy life to begin with, but having to worry about floors is not something they look forward to.

Keeping track of all supplies, overlooking the kitchen, checking on the staff’s waiting habits, speaking to the guests about their satisfaction with the service as well as the meal, those are but a few in the millions of daily tasks that a restauranteur must deal with. However, having a floor that is cracking, peeling, and possibly is harboring strange smells is a tap on the shoulder to a restauranteur that proclaims that it is more than time to do something about that flooring. Chances are too that their cleaning help has thrown up their hands about keeping that floor clean, and usually there is only one reason for the cleaning help’s displeasure, and that is that the floor’s various openings and cracks have enabled dirty water to enter the subflooring. What happened after that is certainly not very pretty; in fact it’s pretty disgusting. All the more the reason you should seek out a durable restaurant flooring system.

All manner of repulsive things are growing in that subflooring such as mold, fungus, yeast, viruses, microbes and a plethora of microbes. This is the last thing that someone wants to hear is going on in their restaurant, but unfortunately it is happening, and on the fortunate side it will not happen again, ever! Well, that is if the restauranteur chooses to have Silikal put down instead of perhaps just an MMA floor.

You may be thinking at this point that you had heard that Silikal did utilize MMA, which stands for methyl methacrylate, but you would only be partially wrong. Yes, Silikal does utilize MMA in their flooring but it has been greatly aided by the inclusion of a secret additive, and thus has been renamed by Silikal as enhanced MMA. The reason is quite interesting, as the MMA various Silikal competitors utilize allows tiny little holes the size of a pin to begin forming. Eventually that allows dirty water to enter into the subflooring. The rest, you are only too aware of.

Silikal will never have its enhanced MMA performing that little trick at all. Its MMA remains as one solid floor covering that not even a drop of water can come through. In fact Silikal creates seamless dependability, and actually Silikal has earned the respect of all who have utilized Silikal, for presently those Silikal customers say that Silikal is durable, the “lifetime flooring”  for your restaurant. Those are pretty strong words, but Silikal is able to ensure that those words always come true.


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