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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating Made to Endure

A Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating for Today, Tomorrow, and Decades to Come

A scientist holds up an epoxy floor coating sample made chemical resistant.Chemical resisting epoxies reflex golden yellow color from filled containers sitting on new floor coat.

It boggles the mind that there can be a chemical resistant epoxy floor coating that is so well sealed and is totally pore free enough that no chemical can penetrate it. And yet, that’s what Silikal is – totally pore free! After all today’s chemicals are so very strong and powerful that they defy description to most people except perhaps by chemists themselves. But, in all actuality there is such a product, and Silikal exists today and does not just reside inside someone’s scientific mind.

The biggest reason for desiring a chemical resistant epoxy floor coating is that so many of them fail. That’s because they are not all totally non porous like Silikal. It does take 100% nonporosity in order for any floor coating to be able to work properly in containment circumstances. Only a floor that is a true non porous floor, as Silikal, will be able to actually be utilized in such conditions as wet processing and even the total immersion environments necessary with some chemicals.

Of course, safety is always a benefit that no one can do without, especially when it concerns chemicals. The chemical industry understands that safety means eliminating slips and falls, and therefore it is always a priority in any Silikal design. Silikal flooring creates a chemical resistant epoxy floor coating that has the added benefit of being available with whatever degree of skid resistance required for any of the service conditions of those dealing with chemicals. In addition, Silikal has conveyed their own formulations of chemical resistant epoxy floor coating in such a manner that there are never any offensive, nor hazardous fumes arising from their chemical resistant epoxy floor coatings.

Those very few companies that have even come close to the Silikal chemical resistant epoxy floor coating have found that they could not possibly achieve the flooring durability that Silikal has. They tried changing the physical properties from what they thought went into Silikal for naught. It turned out that no one can beat Silikal in any manner and form.

Adding all of that together allows you to understand why Silikal is considered the best chemical resistant epoxy floor coating. However understanding how it can be distributed by the fully factory trained certified distribution network Silikal has formulated together is difficult, and therein lies the secret to Silikal’s amazing success, they care about quality people as much as they care about their quality product.

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