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Concrete Floor Systems: A Guide to Estimating & Economizing

Concrete Floor Systems & The Inherent Value They Bring

Worker stacks product on rack while standing on blue colored acrylic concrete floor system.Bright mustard yellow colored concrete floor system supports commercial rolling buggies.

No matter what kind of concrete floor systems you are searching for, chances are that you are very perplexed as to which to use. Thus a concrete floor systems-guide to estimating and economizing has become absolutely vital in order for you to choose.

First you will need to outline each product carefully and put down each of its benefits as well as its drawbacks. Created eons ago, but always exceedingly helpful is a large T with one side of the T being for the benefits or “pros” of each product, and the other side being the negatives or “cons” of the product. Is that being too ultra-simple? Yes, but you will undoubtedly need something ultra-simple when looking for a concrete floor systems-guide to estimating and economizing.

Not all concrete floor systems are alike, as you will soon find out as you begin to make a pros and cons list as suggested. There are some products that you will mentally throw out almost immediately when you find that they exude VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Some products, such as the Silikal line have absolutely none though.

Following this, you might wish to investigate the various colors and color schemes that are available with each product. Some products come in rather unimaginative colors, whereas some products, such as Silikal, seem to be able to offer you all the colors of the rainbow, so that no matter what kind of color statement you wish to make, it’s all laid out for you to choose from easily.

Next, in your concrete floor systems-guide to estimating and economizing, you will undoubtedly wish to look at how permanent each product is. Some require redoing every year, some go a few years without needing to be redone, and there is one in particular that will undoubtedly outlast the very building it has been installed in, and that product is Silikal. Economically there may be other products that are lower in cost initially than Silikal, but considering how long it will be before you even should think about replacing Silikal, will greatly change your idea of economizing on such a venture.

However, as part of estimating and economizing, also be aware that many other products force you to shut down whatever your enterprise is so that the flooring can not only be installed, but also so that it has the necessary time to cure. Some products require days to cure, others a good part of a day, but Silikal is ready for use within one hour of final installation. Be sure and note that on the plus side of your T!

Moisture prone areas will require that the concrete floor systems you choose is waterproof too of course. At this point, you will not be surprised to find that Silikal is 100% waterproof, will you?

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