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Heavy Duty Flooring Materials & Their Strength In Design

Heavy Duty Flooring Materials: Whats On Your Floor?

Heavy duty holding tanks rest atop olive green flooring material.A heavy duty pressure washer rests atop red material floor.

Look up heavy duty flooring materials on the Web, and you will be greatly surprised at the results. Why? Because there are so many materials that are being touted as heavy duty, yet most of them are no more heavy duty than a silk handkerchief!

Heavy duty flooring materials should mean some kind of floor treatment that is technically made of first grade material. It should also represent a very long lasting investment, perhaps even one that never has to be replaced. On the other hand, it should also mean some kind of heavy duty flooring materials that are also beautiful, downright aesthetically pleasing. Then too, it needs to withstand the very heaviest of traffic and be completely stain proof, and be totally impervious to any scuffs and indentations. It needs to also have amazing slip resistance. Finally it must appear to be at home wherever utilized, whether in sports arenas and stadiums, office buildings, hotels, banks, grocery stores, retail chains, airports, or any other industrial or commercial area where heavy duty flooring materials are strongly desired and needed.

But then too as long as we are making impossible wishes, let’s have these materials capable of being utilized a scant hour after being laid, so that the floor is ready to undergo all that punishment practically immediately. That means that wherever it is put down one could also utilize a forklift on it within that paltry hour and never be able to damage that beautiful floor. Thus, it had better be impervious to any chemicals too, such as jet fuel, and hundreds of different caustics. There are many who, upon reading this, would say that it is the stuff that pipedreams are made of, that there are no such heavy duty flooring materials. That may be according to them, but the reason for their non belief may be well founded if they have never heard of Silikal.

You see, for many years now, Silikal has been able to deliver all of that, and much more when heavy duty flooring materials are needed by any type of enterprise. The “more” refers to not only delivering amazingly durable floors but flooring that can also be custom designed with an antimicrobial element for use in either food and drink manufacturers, or even in hospital settings and the like. The “more” can also refer to the flooring being made into an antistatic flooring solution if such is necessary. The “more” can also refer to some kind of heavy duty flooring materials that can put up with a tremendous amount of both chemical as well as abrasion resistance. Silikal can deliver all that, and still even more!

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