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Resin Restoration Made Simple

Resin Restoration & The Seamless Transformation to New

A floor installation expert makes necessary resin restoration simple with the right product.Newly restored resinous flooring shines bright blue after repair.

Today it seems as if no matter what industry one looks at, the needs of that industry with regard to their flooring, are backed by some kind of resin. Thus those industries that have been around for a while find themselves in need of resin restoration. Add to that, the needs for the floors to resist different kinds of production rigors, some mechanical damage, or replacing resins that have been eaten away by various chemicals, and the need for resin restoration is even greater.

With Silikal reactive resin restoration you will finally achieve a floor for your industrial needs that is the answer to even your high tech needs for static control, or high chemical resistance because of your particular industry. Do not think that urethane concrete coatings are the same as Silikal though. The proof will be when that same industrial floor is seen after as little as six months later and finding resin restoration necessary even this early after install. Not with Silikal.

If you have problems understanding Silikal’s amazing durability, consider the fact that what they utilize is a scientifically created enhanced methylmethacrylates referred to in the industry as MMA. The enhanced part simply means that it is much stronger than normal MMA, which is what the greater majority of the Silikal competitors are using as the enhancement formula is exclusive to Silikal alone.

Silikal will pass your most rigorous evaluations for being incredibly slip resistant too, no matter what industry you are in, from the machine ladened auto repair shops, to exquisite fine dining establishments. This is why Silikal does so well around any slippery surfaces. In addition Silikal has proven to be resistant to so many things that normally just “eat” other floors for breakfast. Take for example a floor that can resist jet fuel, Silikal can do so as proven by how many hangars have decidedly chosen Silikal as their favorite hangar floor coating.

Chances are too that if you are in need of resin restoration, you did not utilize a product as good as Silikal. After all, Silikal has often been known to last longer than the buildings it was used in. The amazing performance of this product is why Silikal is so far ahead of competitors. Put very simply, a Silikal floor will remain the very same throughout the life of that floor, namely pinhole free, non-porous, and very definitely crack resistant meaning no resin restoration necessary. In addition, it will retain its extraordinary beauty as well, allowing all who chose it to look proudly at it each and every time they see it.

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