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Outdoor Patio Flooring for Exterior Curb Appeal

Outdoor Patio Flooring: A Lasting Impression

A poured outdoor patio floor system perfectly coats this outside play area.Outdoor patio flooring provides a sound floor system for this office break area.

An outdoor flooring is so very inviting especially during the summer when the sun is warm and also appealing, so that you will want to not only cook on your bar-b-cue but also eat out there too, communing with nature and breathing the warm fresh air. A beautiful patio is a place where you can entertain too with your best friends because a patio actually invites conversation all in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Many patios are surrounded by beautiful gardens, which might even make your patio smell heavenly. But then along comes the question of what the outdoor patio flooring should be?

Perhaps someone will mention that they visited a house lately and the owner had utilized resilient rubber floor covering on the patio. But, then when you investigated it, you found out that the rubber floor needs to be taken up, cleaned up and put back. Unfortunately bugs live under it, as well as various amounts of slime, bacterial colonies, and all manner of black fungal deposits grow under it too. That ended that idea which means that the idea of rubber paver tiles was out as well.

Granite tiles appealed eventually but were nixed because of the problems of having to regrout occasionally and the fact that they break easily, meaning inevitable tile replacement. Friends also told us that they were incredibly slippery, and we certainly did not wish to endanger our children nor their friends. Someone else suggested the snap in place patio pavers that only need to be placed on a hard surface. That meant that we’d have to pour concrete anyway, then cover up the concrete. That seemed ludicrous for outdoor patio flooring and thus we nixed that too.

Finally someone brought up Silikal’s natural pebble stone river rock flooring with a poured river rock look. That sounded incredibly natural, and it came in different colors so that we could match the furniture we had in mind for our patio. For instance, it came in Black Pearl, Razorback Red, Cantina Pink, or a lovely natural tan.

Now we were talking. Not only was it a cinch to keep clean since it was a totally seamless installation, but aesthetically we knew that it would lend such a posh elegance to our patio! The colors were all soothing, and we wanted them all, but finally settled on that lovely Cantina Pink color since pink is so outdoorsy, so that we could have a lot of pink in our furniture to tie it all in.

When the Silikal estimator came to look at our property to talk to us about using the Silikal poured river rock flooring for our new outdoor patio flooring, he actually drew up plans for us to look at. He was quite artistic and he definitely did not make a drawing of a plain looking square or oblong patio; no way. This man presented us with a huge patio that could wind it’s way around my wife’s prize winning begonias, and she was so excited by the thought that she was clapping her hands together much as our little girl does. His design would make us a patio with a truly different appearance. Then he went on to describe how long a Silikal patio would last, and seeing our four year old little girl, he said we ought to plan to have her outdoor wedding on that patio since that outdoor patio flooring would look as good then as it will look the moment it’s finished. Our choice was made knowing our investment was just that, a true investment that would last longer than we even imagined without seasonal repair and yearly maintenance.

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