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Epoxy Concrete Repair: When A Professional Is Needed

Epoxy Concrete Repair & The Difference One Product Can Have

A professional epoxy concrete repair is visibly underway by this professional installer.Epoxied concrete over steps receives professional repairing by a certified installer.

If you are searching for epoxy concrete repair now, then it is very evident that you did not utilize Silikal to begin with. But on the other hand it’s never too late to use Silikal in making your epoxy concrete repair now, but at least it will be the last time you ever need to make such repairs.

Silikal can be had in a plethora of different styles, colors and for different conditions, unlike the “one size fits all” of other concrete floorings. Silikal can be utilized as either a solid or even as a single color concrete sealer coating system.

Your installer will undoubtedly begin by using Silikal’s Patch Repair with R17. This is a mortar best described as being totally solvent free and it is made up of a 2-component methylmethacrylate resin which has been especially formulated for its high compressive strength, as well as what is known as tensile strength, which means that it can bend to some extent as needed. The fact that this Silikal product will have very low linear shrinkage means that it will not split or fall apart the way that other resins have been known to.

Once your epoxy concrete repair is completed, you will then wish for Silikal to install its final product on your concrete so that you no longer need to be bothered by such repairs again. Its top coat has tremendously low viscosity which then serves to enhance its penetrative capacity along with the sand-sprinkled surface. It has an incredible high hardness guarantee that not only will offer you exceptional resistance to chemicals, can be made antistatic, antibacterial, resist slip and falls as well as being solvent resistant if you so desire, and in addition, it can be urine resistant and UV resistant as well.

Truly amazing and very startling is the fact that once your new Silikal epoxy concrete repair and new Silikal floor is laid, you will be able to use it in any manner you wish in one short hour. Yes, that’s how long a Silikal floor must dry or cure prior to any use. That means you could drive cars on it even if its tires are blazing hot, or you can use flooring’s greatest enemy, the forklift on it right after that short term cure, and thereafter without having to worry about ever harming that now truly tough floor.

So, why stick to dull dusty gray when you can have beautiful inviting fully enhanced colored flooring? Silikal is so special it can even put your logo embedded into your floor if you so desire!

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