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High Rise Building Floor Plan: A Look into the Future

A High Rise Building Floor Plan for Quality Assurance

Employees enjoy their break atop a newly designed high rise building floor plan.Employee diligently works in a high rise building office with newly installed floor plans.

Whether you currently live or work in a high rise building office setting, surely there are many items that you would wish to change if having a high rise building floor plan were left up to you to devise. There are many who look at high rises and dislike them on sight. Asked why, usually the answer is that high rises create concrete canyons, and if they are located on the beach, they cast too big a shadow.

But what if a high rise building floor plan included tremendous green areas around it, and what if there were limits set as to how high such a building could go? Many then say that they find a high rise more feasible if those facts were in existence. Well, there, that takes care of the outside, but what of the inside?

If one is looking at an office high rise building floor plan, then surely it needs to have a very posh entry. That means that it needs to have a very nice lobby, perhaps with a fountain in the middle of it. The floor of said lobby needs to be made of maybe marble so that it appears even richer if possible. The marble needs to be made non slippery though so that those entering from the revolving doors or the side doors cannot slip and fall due to wet or snow covered feet. That’s where the idea arrives to discuss these plans with Silikal.

You see, Silikal is the number one expert on such flooring, as well as rendering it non slippery. In addition, Silikal has been known to work with the construction of fountains, sealing the fountain so that there will never, ever be any leaks. Back to the flooring, a Silikal floor also will never wear out, and will not show foot traffic, nor even develop scratches upon it!

Moving onward to the elevators now. Of course, those who design such a high rise floor plan want the elevators to also have beautiful floors, thus once more Silikal will be called upon to design the perfect flooring for the elevators. Marble is too heavy for elevators, thus they will undoubtedly come up with something that is extraordinarily elegant, yet does not bog down the elevator’s lifting forte.

Each office wants to have their own high rise building floor plan to match what their interior designers have in mind. Some want a gorgeous imported wood floor, and some want polished and stained concrete that is highly colored. Yet another office wants a floor that has their logo in the floor, and it’s a huge logo. Believe it or not, Silikal is going to please all those offices, and has the absolutely perfect product for each of them.

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