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Industrial Concrete Stairs Have You Scared? We Can Help…

Industrial Concrete Stairs: Taking the Scare Out of the Step

Newly coated industrial concrete stairs provide egress safety to occupants.Industrial stairing over concrete recieves new top coating protection.

Of course anywhere there are stairs there is always a safety concern. However, if the industrial concrete stairs being installed are Silikal, then there really is nothing to worry about.

Worry should be placed though if your industry has industrial concrete stairs that are worn, or that are broken off along the edges. There should also be a lot of worry associated with stairs that have had those sticky pieces of plastic ‘tabs’ glued onto the stairs in order to make them, “safer.” As the saying goes, they are an accident simply waiting to happen.

There are some industrial concrete stairs that replace wooden stairs, because these industrial wooden stairs are often worn, and thus have required those non-slip treads that either stick on, or are so slippery as to actually cause skids and falls on stairs. Not only can such treads cause slips and falls, they are also ungainly – unquestionably, and extremely obnoxious to behold.

Replacing such antiquated wooden stairs with industrial concrete stairs utilizing Silikal, one notes that this remarkable flooring itself is actually entirely made of a reactive acrylic resin coating that has been treated especially to be a non-slip coating. Silikal developed it especially for safety on stairs, thus ascertaining that safety always comes first.

Imagine if you will, what Silikal industrial concrete stairs can bring you? First, it is highly wear resistant, as well as being liquid-proof. That also means that it is resistant to any kind of weathering, and provides totally electrically non-conductive stairs, which in some industries is an absolute necessity. In addition Silikal’s industrial concrete stairs offer greater resistance to either hot water, or chemicals. Best yet, when Silikal is utilized on stairs, it is exceptionally quick curing. That means that those stairs will achieve full compressive strength within a mere hour. And if your industrial concrete stairs are located outside and it is wintertime, those Silikal reactive resins will cure just as quickly, even if your space is as low as -10 °C. That also means that Silikal is also perfect for freezer floor stairways too!

Thus, if your stairs need work and need to be leveled out because the concrete has gotten bumpy, or you have broken edges on your concrete stairs, the totally wear resistant industrial concrete stairs from Silikal are your perfect answer. Because of how quickly Silikal sets, you will never have costly downtime as you would with most other products. The results of utilizing Silikal are that it will be stronger than the concrete it was applied to!

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