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Anti Slip Floor Coating Clear: A Mask of Protection

An Anti Slip Floor Coating Clear Surface System

Water beads atop this anti slip floor coating clear surface.A clear floor coating for no slip resistance protects these waiters and waitresses from fall harm.

Those who are in need of anti-slip floor coating clear type frequently turn to the Internet to find a product if they have slippery floors and have dealt with expensive slips and falls. The problem with this is that they are then faced with a very bewildering array of products, all of which are claiming to be the longest lasting, the least slippery, and the clearest available.

Granted slippery floors are ordinarily caused by something other than the floor itself. For instance it may have water constantly upon it, or perhaps there is some sort of grease on the floor, or sometimes it is not a constant wetting of the floor. For those particular instances, where the floor is only occasionally wet or slippery, that seems to be the most important reason for seeking of an anti-slip floor coating clear type. The reasoning for this is that there is nothing worse than slipping when one least expects to slip. Either way, of course you wish to find the very best available, that stands to reason.

There are many who will try to tell you that their anti-slip floor coating clear type actually makes little suction cups under the clear coating and other such silly interpretations of their product. Truth is, the very best available is Silikal.

With Silikal, it is truly 100% clear. There are absolutely no tinges to its product, no color changes, and no covering of the beauty of the existing flooring. Once applied it will look exactly the same with one important difference; it will then be totally anti slip.

In addition, because it is a Silikal product, it has a VOC rating of -0-! As a matter of fact, this flooring solution is also totally odor free.

Moreover, the product works no matter what kind of surface it is applied to. That means that you can safely utilize it on fiberglass, porcelain, vinyl, granite, highly polished marble, concrete and even upon ceramic tile. It will never, ever harm your existing floor and will continue to give you a non-slip floor.

Imagine, if you will, a work area where slippery floor issues are no longer existent? Gone will be those awful and sometimes expensive incidents of slips and falls. All of this is available to you with a Silikal product, for it is truly the very best floor solution product for your existing slippery floors.

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