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Aircraft Hangar Floor Paint for Safe Hangar Floors

Aircraft Hangar Floor Paint: A Paint to Protect

A paint application coats this aircraft hangar floor.Hangar aircraft flooring paints shine brightly after final application.

An aircraft hanger is an animal onto its own. What that means is that they are entirely special, and the floors are too. Aircraft hangar floor paint needs to be as special as can be also. For instance, the tires on the aircraft are going to be incredibly hot, thus the aircraft hangar floor paint utilized needs to accommodate those hot tires. Often the aircraft needs to be worked upon, and chemicals of all kinds are used. Occasionally those chemicals find their way onto the floor, thus the aircraft hangar floor paint must also accommodate chemicals.

Pilots will wish for the hangar floor to resist wetness too, as the aircraft is often quite wet when stored into the hangar, or needs to be washed to remove any debris that it picked up while flying. If the aircraft is utilized up North, it frequently comes in with snow on its wheels or dripping from its wings too.

Let’s face it maintaining a hangar floor is not an easy task. There will be dirt on the wheels too, and dirt blowing in when the doors are open to let the aircraft inside.

Although not necessarily called a floor paint, a Silikal floor covering system is what will work best for an aircraft hangar floor. Silikal’s product will actually chemically bond with your hangar concrete in order to form a highly durable protective film that will even be resistant to aircraft petroleum products.

In addition, cleaning the floor after Silikal is introduced into your hangar is amazingly simple as nothing ever penetrates the Silikal finish. Silikal, you see, is a totally seamless installation that is completely non porous. It is also pin hole free as well as being an anti slip flooring surface which prevents slips, falls and flooring slip associated accidents.

If and when tire abrasion occurs from the aircraft, this is considered unavoidable, but there is a Silikal answer to such tire abrasion. These can easily be removed utilizing the primary cleaner known as Silikal Topclean, which is then rinsed off with clean water.

With a whole array of colors to choose from, with Silikal you may design even a one of a kind hangar floor to not only suit your own tastes, but also become the talk of the other aircraft owners who will marvel at the extreme beauty and tidiness of your Silikal hangar floor. Call Silikal today for a free estimate.

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