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Industrial Resins & Chemicals In Today’s Acrylic Coating Technology

Industrial Resins & Chemicals: The Applied Science of Flooring

Industrial resins and chemicals compose the flooring system for this manufacturing assembly line.Chemicals and industrial resins compose the resistant flooring for this industrial bakery.

As we all know industrial resins & chemicals are now very widely utilized in order to enhance the actual performance as well as feats of today’s acrylic coatings technology. What’s interesting is that the very hardness and adhesion characteristics of acrylic polymers are what allow the amazing bonding to a miscellany of substrates. Combined with industrial resins & chemicals, acrylic resins have been able to replace the harsh chemical solvents that used to be in acrylic coatings. This has made great strides in being able to form and create environmentally friendly products.

Take the wonders of Silikal for instance. Industrial resins & chemicals have enabled the creation of Silikal flooring, which contains a number of startling attributes such as:

•Anti-corrosion properties
•Best storage stability
•Complete lack of VOCs
•Excellent gloss, finish and clarity
•Fastest curing possible
•Good quality, first-rate adhesion to non-porous as well as porous surfaces
•Improved pour of product
•Improved solubility
•Superior hardness
•Superb weatherability

There are all manner of different resins that have been developed in order to create water as well as corrosion resistance, gloss, adhesion and of course hardness. What has been developed is a modifier for both the alkyd and epoxy air-dry coatings. These coatings themselves were actually designed to improve the water resistance, gloss, adhesion as well as hardness that they are applied to.

So many chemicals have made our lives so much easier. For example take fully flexible (elastometric) waterproof decking systems that are utilized in highly exposed areas to create totally waterproof traffic bearing as well as walking areas.

We are all thankful for the industrial resins & chemicals that have created Silikal floors that will last longer than the building they are installed in. Silikal is so waterproof that it has been utilized as glass to hold back millions of tons of water in huge aquariums. Silikal flooring can prevent freeze-thaw damage in the worst weather conditions possible on earth, yet is the same Silikal that can be introduced to flooring no matter the weather.

Keep in mind too that industrial resins & chemicals are what have allowed Silikal to be installed anywhere, and in one short hour the floor can be driven upon even with forklifts. Only Silikal cures that fast, and that completely. In addition, the Silikal flooring can be completely stain resistant, which makes Silikal so much in demand for healthcare flooring where blood, iodine and other stains can happen, as in hospitals.

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