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No Slip Condition Flooring: Whats Beneath Your Feet?

No Slip Condition Systems Set The Stage for Safety

Office worker walks confidently across a no slip condition flooring system.Employee diligently cleans up creating conditions for no slip flooring.

There are some floors that absolutely need to be in a no slip condition. Examples might include a butcher shop, a dentist office, a hospital, public showers, bathrooms, auditoriums, kennels, actually the list is totally endless, as to how many businesses and commercial establishments need a slip resistant flooring system.

No slip condition is also a theory of engineering or fluid dynamics. It relates to viscous fluids and boundaries thus limiting how much particles can move. Further along with these studies are insurance studies that have recommended that due to the American Disabilities Act (called the ADA) walkways, ramps, and flooring in the food and beverage industry must have a friction level of .60 or more for flat spaces and .80 should the floor be ramped.

OSHA has not gone quite as far, and required that floors should actually have a friction level of .50 OSHA is of course the Federal Agency called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration whose job it is, is to oversee and enforce safety and heath legislation here in the United States. There are even slip meters, which will allow someone to perform the static coefficient of measuring friction.

Silikal the world’s leader of concrete sealer flooring has delved deeply into the no slip condition, and in fact everyday their scientists are working on this problem, ascertaining that the Silikal product not only adheres fully to OSHA standards, but also surpasses them highly. It is important for anyone seeking no slip flooring to know and understand that the Silikal non-slip flooring is actually one of a kind. Above all Silikal installers are very adept at matching the non-skid coats to the floors, knowing exactly what to do when it is needed for extreme non-slips, as opposed to mild non-slips.

It is often said in the non-slip business, that Silikal is the only name that one should trust if an establishment wishes to completely avoid hazardous slip and fall accidents. Other businesses, property owners, architects, builders, and building managers have relied on Silikal for years to meet their full legal obligations to ensure that the floor surfaces that employees and the general public utilize are fully non-slip. Over and over again, courts have upheld that Silikal non-slip flooring offers the maximum protection against injuries that come from slip and falls.

If you are among those listed above, builders, building managers, etc. who feel that their businesses deserve the same high durability protection that will halt costly litigations that arise from injuries, then be sure to call on Silikal flooring. Silikal can offer peace of mind besides beautiful flooring!

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