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Concrete Coatings for Pool Decks: Recreational Safety

Concrete Pool Deck Coatings & The New Trend in Design

A close up view of concrete coatings for pool decks seamlessly blending with ceramic pool tile.Pool deck concrete coatings add rich durability to this outdoor pool support column.

Numerous swimming pools exist in motels, hotels, various clubhouses, and many other places where the public may utilize the pool. Having the proper concrete coatings for pool decks had definitely become extremely essential. Thus one of the principal fashions to be seen in outdoor flooring design is utilizing a highly decorative pool deck. These concrete coatings for pool decks now are not only colored and textured, but they become an actual draw to the pool. Thus the concrete coatings for pool decks accomplish a lot more than to simply make available a safe and sound, slip-resistant deck that can be utilized for more than sunbathing and barbecuing. Today, interior designers pay just as much concentration on the pool decks as they do the interior design of the rest of the property.

After all, at present decorative concrete has beckoned to interior decorators to creating lavish pool decks that can actually complement the exterior of the building, and even meld with the remainder of the outdoor environment. In the present day concrete coatings for pool decks can now appear to be an exotic and conventionally expensive material such as wood, imported stonework, or slate as desired by the decorator.

Disregarding the fact that these decks are in actuality cement pool decks, the amazing variety available in order to design a truly exceptional, fully functional and exceedingly affordable pool deck is easily attainable. One has only to look at Silikal’s ideas about concrete to ascertain that fact.

Once treated with Silikal, a pool deck has an exceptionally durable surface, one which has even the benefits of being non-skid as well. Compared with a wooden deck, which requires constant sanding as well as resurfacing the benefits are easy to understand. These amazing concrete coatings for pool decks are actually currently created at a small portion of the costs that will be incurred by wooden decking. The very flexibility of a Silikal pool deck will please your designer immensely.

Once a designer has worked with the outdoor lighting, perhaps has added pergolas or trellises and arbors, and maybe cabanas, the entire scheme will begin to take shape. Adding deck planters, even matching concrete benches or even a romantic gazebo, and your pool deck will be the talk of the town! In addition be sure and utilize the same designer to add a matching spa to your Silikal swimming pool.

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