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Industrial Concrete Slabs In The Modern Age of Technology

Industrial Concrete Slabs & The Physical Demands They Endure

Industrial concrete slabs run throughout this large storage warehouse.Concrete slabs endure forklift abuse with the help of a new industrial floor coating in this large warehouse.

We here in the United States are surrounded by concrete. Everywhere we look in the cities, there are concrete slabs, and especially industrial concrete slabs. Concrete is concrete to those who are not in the flooring business or construction of some kind.

In industrial or commercial settings, concrete slabs ordinarily have some highly specialized requirements. These requirements may be based on the evenness or flatness that is essential in that particular industry. Concrete contractors have been especially trained to understand and know how to place as well as finish the concrete. Many industrial and commercial floors have special requirements for color, finish and of course hardness as well. Some specs ask for a troweled finish, some want surface densifiers, and many today want special colors, even a logo incorporated into the industrial concrete slabs.

Industrial and commercial floors today can be created on a grade or even suspended. When they construct one such as this, then they use some sort of metal decking. Usually this consists of corrugated sheet metal, but then it is all supported by the structural steel around it. Evenness and flatness is more difficult on these kinds of floors, thus it is even more important for the floor to receive some sort of leveling. Installing a self-leveling flooring system usually accomplishes this. Only Silikal puts out this astonishingly protective liquid leveler that also incorporates their reactive resin flakes, which lends an extreme attractiveness to its amazing functionality.

It is amazingly functional because Silikal protection gives ultimate protection to industrial concrete slabs by being totally non-slip when it is integrated with a Silikal concrete sealer. In addition it is functional because Silikal can stop static shock as well as electrocution, which means that you can have total industrial antistatic safety. Further, any Silikal flooring is a totally seamless, monolithic surface. Thus it is always pore-free, which means that not even water can ever penetrate the surface. Imagine, if you will, that this one fact will prevent penetration and therefore any corruption to your floor or your substrate.

Best yet, is the fact that only Silikal sets up or cures in less than one hour. This means that your industrial concrete slabs can be fully protected without having to shut down your business overnight or even for 48 hours as many other industrial concrete slab finishes require, and then they do not deliver half the benefits that Silikal does!

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