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Floor Restore? Helpful Tips to Hinder Troubles

Floor Restore: What to Consider Before Restoration

A newly restored floor protects this walk in cooler from degradation. Floor restoration saved this exterior loading bay depicted.

It truly does not matter what kinds of floors you now have. Accomplishing a floor restore to them is always a good idea prior to thinking about completely tearing them up and building new floors. Those who undertake removal and replacement often do not take into account the awful mess it’s going to create, the costs involved, besides the costs of getting rid of the debris which can run into thousands and thousands if the reason for the floor restore is that chemicals have gone through the substrate and perhaps even into the ground below!

If one is speaking of a wooden floor, then usually those who handle a floor restore will speak of sanding and refinishing the wood. This too, especially the sanding, can create a terrible mess if you are still occupying the premises. One of the newer means of taking care of wooden floors that need to be refinished though is called screening. Actually it is a machine that scuffs off the clear coat that remains on the floors at the moment. Often these machines are equipped with their own vacuums, which thus pick up the greater majority of the dust though not all of it. What usually follows is new clear top coating, however that needs to dry for at least 24 hours after it is put on, with heavy traffic needing at least 4-5 days for total curing. This is not good news for an active shop, as shops cannot close for that amount of time, and actually many offices and office parks cannot either. The solution? Read further.

Let’s assume now that the floor restore needs to be done to a flooring that is made out of concrete. As the wear and tear on the concrete has caused voluminous amounts of concrete dust to rise, the more the owner curses having a plain concrete floor. Actually the same solution is going to apply that the owner of the wooden floor above will use.

The best solution, no matter what kinds of floors you need to restore, is to utilize a product known as Silikal. Silikal, you see, can be put on top of any kind of floor, be it wood, concrete, or even tile and terrazzo if it’s not been broken. The best news for the shop owner is that a Silikal floor can be installed quickly and then the surprise comes. Once installed it can be used, including heavy foot traffic in only one hour! Being told that it cures that quickly surprises most people enormously.

By installing a clear coat of Silikal, the beauty of the floor below it comes through, such as the wooden floors mentioned above, but if you wish to have colors or even mimicry of all manner of stone floors, that too is possible with Silikal. With any kind of Silikal flooring there is no floor that will ever harbor bacteria or mold as it is a completely non porous, pin hole free flooring surface that also happens to be seam free.

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