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Restaurant Flooring Ideas & The Right Choice

Restaurant Flooring Ideas: Finding the Best Fit for Your Restaurant Floor

A restaurant flooring idea comes to life with soothing ambiance found in the main dining area of this downtown restaurant. A working restaurant kitchen bustles with life over a newly installed seamless flooring system.

Chances are you lit into this article since you are looking for restaurant flooring ideas. Perhaps you have had a restaurant for a while, and are seeking new ideas to completely change the look of your restaurant. Perhaps you are opening up a brand new restaurant. Either one is fine, because you know that above all the ambiance of a restaurant means more money in your pocket. Perhaps people have to be soothed when they come into your restaurant, they need to relax, after all this is a restaurant not a burger joint with kids screaming and crying because they spilled their milk shake.

Of course, above all a restaurant floor needs to be clean as can be, since it also must appeal in making people hungry. Unlike the days of old, you know that glue-down floor tiles are definitely not appealing. They can harbor all manner of dirt, left over crumbs of food, dirty floor cleaning water, and worse! Absolutely not conducive to a good appetite!

One of the newer trends in restaurants is a totally open kitchen, where you can actually watch the chefs cooking your food. One Italian restaurant has made a mint by allowing people to walk through their kitchen prior to making it to their table. This is a great idea because the kitchen is filled with great smelling Italian food, which the people can all see, and this leads them to become extremely hungry. In addition, they can see how clean the kitchen is, how spotless the floor is, and also they can see that the floor is definitely not slippery either for them as they pass by or for the chefs.

The utter functionality of a restaurant floor covers a lot of great restaurant flooring ideas. Functionality means that your kitchen floor is required to be unproblematic to clean, fully resistant to moisture, be helpful to your staff to be able to stand on their feet for extended periods, last a long time and even be able to endure the power of fallen utensils as well as high traffic from both patrons and staff.

Each restaurant will need it’s own ambiance. What is fitting in a Jewish delicatessen is different than that which will fit in a high bracket clientele of French connoisseurs and gourmets. Actually one of the best flooring choices that will give you the best restaurant flooring ideas is Silikal. The pictures of various restaurant floors that they have created will downright astound you.

The Silikal reactive resin restaurant flooring absolutely cannot harbor bacteria or mold for the reason that it is a totally non-porous, and pin hole free seamless surface. But it’s also slip resistant, and even so very durable that it will require little to no repairs in its lifetime. Now those are great restaurant flooring ideas!


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