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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Requirements: Whats On Your Floor?

With Commercial Kitchen Flooring Requirements Soaring, Its Best to Stay Steps Ahead

A commercial kitchen floor is depicted with chef prepping the requirements for the day.A chef preps the requirements atop a commercial kitchen flooring newly installed.

Commercial kitchen flooring requirements are substantially different than residential kitchen flooring requirements, of course. Each differs in the durability that is expected, the chemical resistance it has to show, the hygiene needed, and best yet the slip resistance needed in commercial kitchens. Silikal is definitely the most durable commercial kitchen flooring available, as Silikal has many commercial kitchen floors that are still in existence after a tremendous amount of years in service.

Silikal when utilized in commercial kitchens needs to be seamless and non reactive, as well as having absolutely no water absorption and the floors also need to be stain proof. Commercial kitchen flooring requirements also must be impervious to sharp and heavy objects as well as to heat. Commercial kitchen owners are thrilled to hear that Silikal is always unaffected by some of the truly harsh cleaning compounds sometimes found in commercial kitchens such as various acids that may be in the rinse aids or de-scalers, solvents, such as oven cleaners and degreasers, and caustics used for the dishwasher as well as oven cleaners.

In addition commercial kitchen flooring requirements mean that the flooring must be able to stand the unusually high traffic that such a commercial kitchen may bring. You probably have chefs who run from one side to the next constantly in a hurry, and often carrying hot tankards of boiling water, drippy cooking instruments, or various hot pans filled with hot food. In addition, you have prep stations where vegetables are cut up, salads are being made, and the like. Into this exhausting bargain you probably have a fryer section where such items such as French fries, breaded chicken , or onion rings are being fried. You may even have grills, sautéing stations, pizza ovens, and more, depending on the menu you are serving. The point is though that all of the kitchen must run cleanly and very efficiently without spills or counter-contamination of foods. Thus, commercial kitchen flooring requirements are extremely demanding.

Silikal works hand in hand with all these requirements as it is completely sealed, and with that seal also comes amazing clean ability, cleanliness, a totally seamless surface and slip resistance that renders any commercial kitchen safe and stress free. The durability of Silikal comes into play constantly in a commercial kitchen. A busy kitchen also means liquids spilling, utensils crashing onto the floor, and scratches along the floor when crates are pushed or dragged in the kitchen; all leading to the degradation for an ill fitted commercial kitchen flooring system. Nothing beats Silikal for commercial kitchen flooring requirements.

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