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Acrylic Flooring Adhesive: Choosing the Best Bond

Acrylic Flooring Adhesive: Only One Stands Out Amongst the Crowd

Workers enjoy a dust free work zone with the newly installed acrylic flooring adhesive applied to the warehouse flooring.Front display area of warehouse benefits from the new acrylic flooring adhesive with a brighter display room.

Most acrylic flooring adhesive is actually a hard-set adhesive which basically is utilized on semi-wet over very porous subfloors such as concrete which is extremely porous. The majority of those floors must tolerate daily stresses as well as some extreme situations. The variety of any acrylic flooring adhesive products are adhesives that are currently available to facilitate the different needs as well as the requirements at hand for a suitable installation.

As in all products, some however are better than others. Finding which one is best for your situation is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. The problem is that all profess to be the absolute best of any acrylic flooring adhesive. Basically these products are utilized priming resins.

Our story begins with once upon a time…Let’s assume for a moment that you have had a concrete floor poured for your warehouse. At first everything is working as it should, but one day you begin to notice that the dust being raised in your warehouse is starting to cover the goods stored there, and you also have a few employees beginning to call in sick with assorted coughs and respiratory problems. Yet, you know that you had made sure that your contractor who laid the concrete had utilized a concrete hardener.

At this point as more dust accumulates on the goods in the warehouse, you call in the contractor to come survey your complaint. The contractor looks about and using his fingers to pull off some dust off the shelving, explains that the dust is coming from the hand trucks that your workers are using, as well as the foot traffic they are creating. Over and above all of that, he points to the forklifts that are zipping along the concrete stirring up the dust. You ask what you should do, and he recommends an acrylic flooring adhesive that will coalesce the concrete so that concrete dust is no longer raised by the workers.

In theory at this point you’d let loose with a manly sigh, but in actuality you begin to let out a few expletives. You explain that you cannot afford to close down the warehouse for the 48 plus hours that would be needed to install the acrylic flooring adhesive.

This is at the point where your contractor gives you the best news possible yet. He suggests a product called Silikal, which once installed will take only a very short time to cure; in fact it will take only one hour.

The next day a Silikal representative comes to give you an estimate on the flooring. He brings along some wondrously colored samples with him and notes that you will even be able to cut down on accidents as well as have a much brighter warehouse that will use less wattage to keep it bright there. The samples have borne out what the contractor told you. The next day Silikal workers install your new acrylic flooring adhesive, providing the MSDS for your records and from then on your workers are much happier working at your warehouse…and they lived happily thereafter.

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