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Concrete Floor Colors Ignite The Senses

Concrete Floor Colors Add Floor Design Choices

Concrete floor colors bring replicated pond to life in this child play area.Concrete floor colors bring to life interior play area for children.

The array of incredible colors that are now possible as far as concrete floor colors goes is absolutely amazing. Strange as it may seem, concrete floor staining is now considered the newest choice among designers across the entire United States and Canada. There are even some highly personalized concrete floor colors available now, thus they are showing up in offices, trendy restaurants and even in all manner of supermarkets and grocery stores. Designers as well as architects have glommed onto the craze knowing that the choices are now nearly limitless with wondrous splashes of color, or even having one’s own company logo put permanently into the floor!

At times referred to as cement flooring, concrete flooring no longer must be nondescript and an ugly battleship gray. Concrete floor colors, textures and varying patterns have now brought life to this long-established substrate. Today, concrete is being designed and utilized so very naturally that it can now blend in seamlessly with all the other elements found in the room, so much so that you may not even realize you are standing on a concrete floor!

Frequently, in fact, what appears to the naked eye as perhaps slate, Arizona flagstone or even incredible Spanish tile work, is actually concrete flooring. Architects are said to have agreed that all of these concrete flooring miracles have actually enhanced the very integrity of their designs.

Further everyone also agrees that it sure beats carpeting what with the way carpeting holds in soil, creates allergies, and can retain moisture underneath of it that may even allow mold to grow totally undisturbed. Most also agree that the very best concrete floor colors and concrete overlays are being sold and created by Silikal.

Interestingly enough everyone does agree too that concrete floor colors are now easily available in what can literally be called an infinite array of colors, not to mention textures. Architects claim that concrete floor colors can be the most versatile element in their own space décor.

Interior decorators are now being told to find the exact color they wish to match the rest of their schemes and then bring it to a decorative concrete professional such as Silikal. There, they match the exact color the decorator has chosen for the concrete. The interior decorator can bring in any color swatches, be they paint, wood, or tile and the entire floor can be made to the exact rendition of that swatch.

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