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Best Flooring Type for You & Your Business

Choosing the Best Flooring Type Made Easy

Best flooring type will enhance a space such as this office walk ramp depicted.Best flooring types add to a space, not detract from it as visible with this nuetral colored floor against a bright yellow wall.

Of course it all depends on what kind of business you may have as to what your best flooring type will be. For instance if you are a walk-in clinic that sees a lot of people everyday, chances are that you will want to have some sort of totally hygienic flooring, yet at the same time a floor that will keep people calm when they are stressed. In addition, you will want a non-slip floor so that no matter what is spilled, you will not have to worry about your workers nor your patients. Further, you will want something that is good looking, provides sound control, and is easy on the feet of your staff. Moreover, you will want something that can put up with very high foot traffic, yet will last for the longest time, as you do not ever need down time. Finally, you want something that is beautiful and reflects your moral fiber and professionalism. You don’t want much, do you?

Well, the best flooring type that covers all of those needs and stipulations is Silikal. You see, Silikal floors are utilized in many hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and the like because they are so easy to keep clean. In addition they are truly good looking and lend an air of calmness to the office as well as complete professionalism. The color spectrum you will receive can blend in with any office design you may already have, or inspire you to a brand new look. You may even have your own logo or the name of your company put into the floor if you so desire.

No matter what is underneath your Silikal flooring, you can always be assured that there will be no pinholes developing under the flooring which leads to constant problems with infection control, strange odors and can create illnesses such as allergies when the flooring develops molds and such underneath them.. Once pinholes develop on flooring, that’s when bacteria make a home there, as well as such terrible things such as mold and other microbes.

Of course Silikal floors are for all kinds of businesses, not just medical offices. Because Silikal is so strong, it is utilized for auditoriums, freezers and coolers, restaurants, industrial garages, car dealerships, jails and prisons, even all manner of outdoor flooring. In fact, there is not one business that can’t utilize Silikal to their advantage. It is incredibly beautiful, fully acceptable for the nicest places as well as garages, and here’s the kicker, it will usually outlast the building it’s put into!

In addition it is solvent resistant, and will not be marred no matter what you drop on it, be it iodine, tar, red clay, red cool-aid, creosote, motor oil, blood, tomato juice, and even rust! Now that is stain resistance! The Silikal product range is immense, no matter what kind of flooring you desire, and it can be installed anywhere, even in extremely low temperatures, thus that is the best flooring type.

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