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Freezer Room Floors: That Cure in the Cold

Freezer Room Floors Give Good Insight to A Kitchen

Freezer room floors visible thru open freezer door of commercial resaurant.Work aprons rest in wait above freezer room floor.

It will absolutely stagger you to hear just how many different food businesses need freezer room floors. For instance there are those in the meat industry, dairy, candy, bakeries, the seafood industry, snack food processors, those that deal in pasta sauces and soups, and those who blast freeze foods in general. In addition there are those who utilize nitrogen tunnels and even those who make pet foods!

If you are not in one of those businesses, you may view a meat packing industry as one where beef quarters hang quietly in the freezer, but amazingly enough freezers have a lot of activity in them, thus the floors must take a lot of abuse. For example there are towing motorized vehicles such as forklifts and other machinery, totes, tankards, hoppers, all manner of pallets, cold/hot thermal shocking, thermal cycling, steam cleaning, as well as all kinds of chemicals such as sanitizers, cleaners, oils, acids and sugars!

Thus these floors need to not only be totally impervious to all chemicals, but in addition they need to be totally seamless, non-porous and then be easy to clean too. Besides all that, everyone must remain safe, thus they need to be slip resistant too in addition to being able to withstand all that severe abuse.

In addition to all that, freezer room floors need to be extremely simple to clean as cleaning is done around all the frozen foods. That alone is problematic with some freezer room floors.

Enter Silikal flooring, specifically freezer room floors! One of the things that those with commercial freezers love about Silikal is that it will never allow any mildew or bacteria the capability to start forming on wet freezer room floors. It has a completely smooth surface that is and will be totally free from pinholes or even any other means that would permit the freezer flooring to collect matter. This is highly important for passing those tests that come often enough in such industries that utilize such freezers.

Silikal is completely impervious to thermal cycling and is always at its best. Unlike urethane concrete that will let infinitesimal holes to appear, and have breakdowns of your system, Silikal will bond so much deeper, thus becoming a much superior product. In addition the epoxies and urethane concrete treatments will require your freezer to be down approximately 24 hours or longer, but Silikal can go on with the freezer running, and will return you to full service all within one hour of curing time.

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