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Clear Acrylic Floor Sealer: A Fresh FaceLift for Your Floor

A Clear Acrylic Floor Sealer: The Strength is in the Seal

A dance floor ignites under the lights and sparkle of a clear acrylic floor sealer top coat.A new acrylic floor sealer brings the night life to full color under the lights of a dance floor.

Did you know that there is such a thing as acrylic glass? Well, there is, and it is incredibly strong. Such acrylic glass is actually poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). This is the exact “glass” that the Georgia Aquarium utilizes to hold the 8.5 million gallons of water that is featured in their tourist attraction. That’s how strong this acrylic glass is! Now imagine a clear acrylic floor sealer made of the same product.

This is exactly what Silikal is made of, for it is enhanced MMA. Enhanced how? Well, now that is a company secret but it was discovered by Silikal’s own scientists, and after an incredible amount of testing it was found that the product was one of a kind in the entire world. Many have tried to copy this enhanced MMA, but to this point, only Silikal has the secret.

So, what does the enhanced MMA accomplish for this clear acrylic floor sealer? Good question. First of all, all manner of additives can go into it without changing its foremost properties. These are additives that might render the flooring hygienic so that hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical offices, restaurants, eateries, and even veterinary offices can utilize it secure in the knowledge that the floor is totally hygienic.

There are also special additives that can be added to Silikal that will render it totally non-slippery. This is very important in the above areas listed, as well as garages, supermarkets, locker rooms and also jails and prisons. Note that these are all places that are apt to have spillage or water on the floors. Shiny beautiful floors that you do not slip on? Yes, that’s Silikal for you!

Even industrial floors will become clean and attractive with the clear acrylic floor sealer by Silikal. Just because a warehouse uses forklifts does not mean that the floor can’t be beautiful and clean looking, correct? You see a Silikal floor can actually withstand the terrible mechanical abrasion of forklifts and even chemical attacks because Silikal has been designed to last throughout the harshest conditions.

There is still a part of that secret that you do not know about yet, and that is that Silikal is so fast drying; which is called curing in the business, that you can have your floors covered with Silikal’s clear acrylic floor sealer, and drive those forklifts over it in one hour! Now, that’s a secret worth knowing!

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