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LEED Flooring Products: How Your Business Can Benefit

LEED Flooring Products: Why Green Has Never Looked So Good

Large distribution warehouse takes advantage of LEED points with new leed approved flooring.Large warehouse with new LEED flooring product displays new floor.

No, we’re not talking about Leeds, England here. First created in 1998, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) finally became an internationally recognized system for “green” construction. The LEED was actually developed by the USGBC, which stands for the U.S. Green Building Council. They deal a lot with the stewardship of all natural resources, as well as the sensitivity of any impacts that such construction may have on the world’s resources. Having a building certified is the goal, and it is accomplished by the giving out of points for construction. Points may be distributed in the following categories: Indoor Environmental Quality, Materials and Resources, Energy and Atmosphere, Water Efficiency, as well as Sustainable Sites.

Interestingly enough it is the governments who are behind LEED products. For instance, many school districts, local governments, and even state and federal governments have created various types of LEED incentives as well as LEED initiatives. For example, some of the bonuses include such things as grants and low-interest loans, reduced-cost or even free technical assistance, expedited or priority permits, reduced fees, density bonuses, tax breaks, and even tax credits. Now you can see why there is tremendous interest in LEED flooring products, however you do need to keep in mind that the USGBC does not in any way promote, endorse, or certify any specific products, services or companies.

LEED flooring products might be some that are made without VOCs for instance. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, and those are the ones that emit noxious gasses. A lot of LEED flooring products pick up LEED points for sustainability. What that means, for instance, is that if by using a certain floor product, it won’t have to be reused quickly. For instance just putting a shine on a floor is going to use up a lot of work, and at a great cost, and will use up all manner of products to do it. On the other hand, if by using a certain product, you extend the life of that floor, then that’s one of the LEED flooring products.

Granted that’s explaining it in layman’s language, but at least you will now go into looking for LEED flooring products with a little bit of knowledge about it. One of the very best LEED flooring products around is Silikal, thus if you need new flooring be sure and look to see why they are the very best!

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