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A Floor Covering Made of Stone | Protection + Location + Color Selection

Great Places For Coverings Made of Stones – Protecting That Beautiful Stone – Color Selection & Stone Floor Covering Installers

Razor back red covering for floor made of stones

Long ago; perhaps in the Stone Age, floors were made out of stone because they had to be. Today, just the opposite is true, and if someone has a floor covering made of stone, chances are they are in the upper echelon of home ownership or perhaps it is an attorney’s office, or a very high end hotel or motel.

There truly is an enormous choice of exotic natural floor covering made of stone. There is the deep earth sophistication of sandstone, the magnificent patina of onyx, the opulent hue of marble, the expressive tones of slate, and the exceedingly flourishing patterns of granite.

Chances are if it is a high-end casino, for example, then they might have gone for a floor covering made of stone – travertine stone! Travertine is actually in the limestone family, and is found in Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico. It communicates affluence, good taste and success. The biggest problem with travertine though is the fact that it is a porous stone, and thus may easily stain. Later in this article we will cover what to do to protect travertine.

Black pearl stone floor covering made of rocks
A floor covering made of stone today is the epitome of grace and refinement, thus we have come far from the days of the Stone Age, but with a few additions and fine-tuning. Ordinarily the stones listed above also need to be set into some form of grout-like material, and in turn need to be covered with some kind of sealant, regardless of the kind of stone utilized. Otherwise the grout gets dirty, and since grout allows water to seep through it, what happens is that dirty water goes under the stone, making for a terrible problem. Should that occur there may easily be mold under that lovely stone or even bacteria, as well as fungus, and what happens next is the emission of foul odors, not to mention the degradation that occurs from simply having moisture pass through the grout time and time again!

In order to save that lovely floor; including travertine floors, a floor covering made of stone needs to be thoroughly sealed over, and there is no better product than Silikal. Silikal can install a sealant that will be completely clear so that it will have that beautiful shine that your interior decorator was speaking of, yet it will be completely protected. Clear silicone sealers made by Silikal are the highest grade possible, and the sealers never need to be replaced. They go on quickly over your floor covering made of stone, and yet they can cure in exactly one short hour or less. Your business need not shut down for days as with other sealers that take far longer to cure.

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