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Strong Flooring Bond Uncompromised

A Strong Floor Bond Can Mean A Lifetime of Benefits for Your Business

Chef prepares food in kitchen with floor bonded concrete made strong.Workers in a meet distribution plant work diligently over a strong bonded floor.

OK, I agree the word strong means a plethora of different meanings. For example many people think that concrete is strong. Well it is, but consider why they put steel in poured concrete buildings? That’s because concrete is really not that strong? Now, if you look up strong flooring bond, you’re in for quite a surprise. What comes out of the search engines is strong flooring bond mats that are utilized during wrestling, judo and karate, or in other words martial arts.

In the flooring business, most of those people think of MMA when they think of a strong flooring bond. MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylates, and if you are seeking flooring that will create a very strong bond, that’s what you want. However, a company by the name of Silikal understood only too well that MMA had a few problems associated with it. First of all, it makes pinholes, and worst of all it undergoes chemical absorption which will eventually cause that bond to actually separate from the substrate, which usually is concrete.

Thus, Silikal put its best scientists onto this problem and asked them to solve it. The scientists came up with MMA which they had mixed with a secret ingredient, and that then became Silikal’s “enhanced” MMA. That’s the only wording they use for whatever they did to it, but it certainly made an impression on the eventual users of Silikal.

You see, then they found that this strange creation called Silikal would actually continue to be whole or monolithic for the complete life of the building it was installed into. In addition, because there were never any pinholes in it, Silikal became the only product that totally prevented dirt, bacteria, germs and many other nasties to locate and hide in the substrate. Consider for example a food processing plant, or a meat rendering plant. The waste products are washed down into the substrate by the water they utilize to cleanse the meat, such as turkeys for example. That water settles in the substrate, and next thing you know the plant is shut down for having pathogens in their meat, any meat products, whole poultry, or even assorted poultry products processed by that establishment! The establishment or processing plant makes worldwide news, and it’s not good news at all!

Now, you may not have a meat packing plant, and you may not handle any poultry, but you might be a restaurant that needs to have clean floors. You might be a veterinary clinic that performs operations on pets, or you may be a hospital that operates on humans. The point is that no matter what business you are in, keeping your establishment clean, and your workers healthy is your job.

Without Silikal and its enhanced MMA, you may have mechanics that call in sick due to unexplained coughs. The reason may very well be that the dust raised by foot traffic, cars and hand trucks going over untreated concrete may be raising dust that settles in your worker’s lungs. This is why even if all you have is a warehouse; you will want to use Silikal for your strong flooring bond. Check around, and you’ll find that there’s nothing like Silikal!

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