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Seal Coating Concrete: Sealers & Coatings – Concretes Sealed Right

Choosing the Proper Seal Coating for Your Concrete Floor

Contractors work diligently applying a concrete seal coating to a warehouse floor.Large factory seal coating flooring system shines beneath the light.

There are a great number of ways to seal a floor. For instance there’s epoxy floor coatings, epoxy resin coatings and seemingly hundreds more. Sealed and polished concrete floors have become so much more popular. They are currently in use in residential/office lofts, retail spaces and museums. All of those spaces look absolutely charming with some sort of concrete seal coating on their floors. In addition, seal coating will protect the floor, any kind of floor, from those in warehouses and basements, to garages. Thus, things like weathering and corrosion will no longer harm the floors, or at least that’s the goal anyway.

If you look at seal coating concrete you will undoubtedly find that many companies are suggesting a product that contains the highest quality epoxy, along with urethane, and a product called methyl methacrylate that they refer to as MMA. Chances are that is the highest quality product they can suggest, and that will go on quickly, dry super fast, and it will undoubtedly present you with a gorgeous seamless look. Thus your commercial kitchen flooring, aircraft hangar flooring, garage flooring, hospital floors or heavy duty industrial flooring will look absolutely great, but then comes the million-dollar question – how long will it last?

Ah, there’s the rub, as Shakespeare used to word it! This is why Silikal is best. They too use the highest quality product out there, but there is one very important difference, Silikal has “enhanced” MMA, and Silikal is the only company to have that particular secret in its concrete seal coatings. Because it is enhanced MMA, once applied and bonding is taking place, it becomes a part of the floor beneath it. Chances are that your floor will look as if it was just put down, no matter the punishment it is given, and no matter where it was put down.

The “where” is important, for if you put it down outdoors, it can take all manner of weather and best yet it is totally UV resistant. If you put it down in an abnormally hot location, next to huge commercial ovens for example, the heat will do nothing to it. Put it down in a laboratory, and drop all manner of alkalis, acids, tinctures, salts and grease on it, and nothing but nothing gets through it as it is not only seamless flooring system, it is totally chemical resistant as well!

Commercial ovens do not harm it, but how about inside a freezer? No problem whatsoever, the Silikal seal coating will not only set up within one hour in a freezer, it is made to cure in low temperatures! Thus, Silikal seal coating is found in the greater majority of the meat processing industry. That means all manner of meat cutting and packaging plants, sausage plants, as well as various slaughterhouses have Silikal floors. Only Silikal can take those extreme temperatures and the impact of the heavy loads found in freezers.

The thing is that there are seal coatings and then there are simply sealers. With Silikal the bond is complete, there will be zero pinhole entry under the sealed floor. There will be no wear ever. Other types of floor coverings will eventually wear down, but Silikal will last longer than the floor it’s put upon!

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