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What Is Monolithic Floor Coating You Ask?

Look No further for Answers To What Monolithic Floor Coating Is

Large warehouse with storage racks and a monolithic flooring depicted.Industrial stainless steel holding tanks rest on a monolithic floor coating system.

You may have heard this term bandied about but, perhaps you are not sure what monolithic floor coating refers to, or what it means. The word monolithic was first used to describe a geological feature such as a monolith; for example a mountain might be associated with the word. Archeologists use it to describe columns saying that there was a monolithic column found in Greece, for instance, when they meant that the column had been made all from one stone only. In today’s vocabulary it means that it is something that is unbroken, one piece, and therefore unfragmented.

Now you understand better that a monolithic floor coating will have no seams and thus no joints. Unlike say a tile floor that is in many pieces with grout in the middle of each adjoining tile, tile floors are definitely not monolithic floors.

Floors that are not monolithic can allow dirty water to seep between it and the substrate, a substrate meaning what’s under the floor or in some construction dictionaries define it as a structurally stable material. In many cases, the substrate is actually poured concrete, but imagine what nasty germination can take place in that instance? First, there would be germs, bacteria, even fungus, potentially followed by growing mold. Chances are that the floor’s condition would occasion strange appalling and ghastly odors. Let’s assume for instance that perhaps our non-monolithic floor is in a restaurant where spills are part of the business. How is one to clean a floor that sucks up spills?

The bacterial count of food waste alone is downright staggering, yet many restaurants utilize those old-fashioned safety rubber mats. Those need to be scrupulously cleaned then hung out to dry every night, and the floor then needs to be mopped with strong chemicals to try to stop the germination that very likely will still be taking place on the substrate.

Now you can see and understand the importance of a monolithic floor coating, it’s one that will not allow materials of any kind to penetrate it. Now, Silikal is the finest monolithic floor coating available anywhere in the world. The reason is that they have a exceedingly secret ingredient that their own scientists have created especially for Silikal. It is called MMA which is what is always in monolithic floor coatings, however because of the secret ingredient, their formula is what they call “enhanced” MMA. MMA, by the way, is Mixed Martial Arts to lots of martial arts fans, but in flooring it stands for Methyl Methacrylates, thus a mouthful that’s been reduced to MMA.

The “enhanced” portion of Silikal’s enhanced MMA enables a business to even drive heavy forklifts on the new floor with only one hour of “curing” which is the technical word used to mean “harden.” Now, if you don’t have forklifts in your business, perhaps you have cars that you need to drive into the mechanics, or perhaps you have a huge amount of foot traffic, all of which can use the new floor just one hour after it has been laid by the highly qualified technically trained workers.

What Silikal’s enhanced MMA does is to stop the product from making pinholes, which unfortunately MMA that has not been enhanced will make. In addition MMA that is not Silikal’s enhanced MMA will also go through chemical absorption that will also cause it to separate from the substrate. Only Silikal flooring will remain whole or monolithic for the entire life of the building.

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