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Why Commercial Epoxy Flooring?

Why We Use Epoxy Flooring in Commercial Buildings

Example of an industrial manufacturing facility utilizing a commercial epoxy flooring.Large working automotive repair facility with a beautiful white high gloss commercial epoxy flooring.

Commercial epoxy flooring needs to be different than say residential epoxy flooring, as it will undoubtedly take a lot more punishment than it would inside a home. Take for example commercial epoxy flooring that is used in a garage where automobiles are repaired. First of course, there is the weight of the cars, the hot engines, the oil, the friction of their tires against the epoxy, and perhaps worst yet those dropped tools that fall out of a mechanic’s hands that with ordinary epoxy will gouge the flooring.

Or consider the commercial epoxy flooring that has to be put down at a kennel. This flooring needs to be hermetically sealed, as dogs will have sharp nails against the flooring, and unfortunately there will be both excrement as well as urine to deal with. If the commercial epoxy flooring is not properly sealed, even one tiny little pinhole would allow a plethora of germs and bacteria to grow underneath the floor resulting in malodorous smells and even encourage infections in their dogs. This is why, for instance, that tile is a very bad choice for a kennel. Tile means that there is grout, and grout will allow said germs and bacteria to grow at an alarming rate.

Then consider what hospital flooring must be like? They of course need to have flooring that is always extremely clean and of course the “right” floor is extremely helpful as far as infection control is concerned. Patients are already injured or in need of extreme care, and the workers need to be kept safe too, thus any commercial epoxy flooring utilized in a health care facility, hospital, or operating room needs to be completely slip resistant for both workers and patients.

Because, again we are referring to commercial flooring and not residential flooring, said flooring needs to be able to take a beating. Foot traffic is very hard on any epoxy flooring, thus it is imperative to find flooring that can “take” that kind of high foot traffic, such as a busy airport runway corridor, or the area where those taking an elevator or escalator would exit in a commercial store. Combine foot traffic with chairs on rollers, for instance as is found in side a laboratory, and that flooring needs to be the best it can be to take that without causing damage.

There is only one product that will adequately fill all the needs outlined above for a commercial epoxy flooring and that is Silikal. Amazingly, it will even set up within one hour so that no business needs to close for two to three days while the flooring dries! Created by Silikal years back, Silikal has had a chance to prove how long it will remain in service looking as if it had just been installed, and that length of time is positively amazing, for Silikal floors will outlast the buildings they are found in!

What makes Silikal so special? It’s the fact that it is made with enhanced MMA. The name of MMA is known as methyl methacrylate, but Silikal is the only company that has brought it one step closer to amazing by enhancing it. Yet it still retains its properties that enables it to be a no VOC flooring. That means that there are absolutely no malicious vapors or odors to contend with as it is being applied.

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