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Can Your Business Afford Not To Have A ‘Hygiene Critical Flooring System’?

What Makes A Hygiene Critical Flooring System Necessary For Your Business Needs

A veterinary facility depicted with hygiene critical flooring installed, inclusive of a company logo displayed within.A dentist chair sits center of a hygiene critical flooring system newly installed.

Put simply good hygiene means clean. Thus, there are number of businesses we can imagine that are hygiene critical and thus need hygiene critical floor systems. The first place that comes to my mind is an operation theater. Thus it should surprise no one that many of our hospital floorings throughout the world have utilized Silikal as their flooring system of choice.

A good part of having a hygiene critical floor system is that it cannot in any way or manner ever harbor molds or bacteria, and it must be totally soil resistant. In essence then the entire flooring must not allow anything to penetrate it. Hence the use of strong acids as well as alkalines in any concentration can have no effect on that flooring, even if given extended exposure. Various coloring chemicals, as well as solvents such as acetone, will not be able to produce any stains, nor any discolorations. There cannot be any surface damage to deal with, therefore the product will be extremely safe to use in various laboratories where these chemicals may be dropped onto the floor system. Silikal meets all those requirements and more.

Load resistance can be important even in hygiene critical floor systems, making the goal of any floor system is for the floor to be able to sustain a 5’000 kg powered forklift truck having either one or perhaps two steering wheels by a typical case. The floor system should be able to sustain no damage whatsoever one hour after installation of the flooring system. Silikal meets all these requirements as well.

Users of such products as hygiene critical floor systems insisted that the interior designers and the architects could utilize Silikal in ways that would be unique and very attractive. Knowing this, Silikal even has a see through product that enables any company to emblazon their logo on the flooring system, making the floor extremely unique and giving freedom of design to the interior designer and/or architect.

The reason why hospitals and the like love Silikal flooring is that it is one of the most hygienic flooring choices due to the fact that it is not only
totally seamless but it is also completely non-porous, meaning germs and bacteria have nowhere to stick to, and nowhere to go either. It could not be more perfect. The non-porosity of the flooring also means that it’s superbly simple and easy to clean no matter what gets on it.

In addition their hygiene critical flooring system is completely resistant to thermal as well as mechanical deformation, thus it works well in extremely hot situations, as well as freezing situations. Silikal fits well as hygiene critical floor systems when a pharmaceutical product research and development company needs flooring. A first-class hygienic industrial floor is the indispensable factor in their being able to achieve their highest quality production processes. That makes Silikal the very best choice for all possible hygiene critical floor systems.

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