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Eco Friendly Flooring, The Future In Floors Is Here Now

The Future of Eco Friendly Flooring is Here Now

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Today everyone talks about being ecologically responsible, as humans have finally realized that this planet is not inexhaustible in its riches, and so our environment has been constantly subjected to recurrent degradation all seemingly because of our negative response to taking responsibility for it. Thankfully that kind of thinking is no longer the norm, and even though ecological problems appear to be very massive, and we think of ourselves as small insignificant portions of the whole, we are all glad that there are changes in consciousness being formulated over and over again.

Planting trees, and using energy efficient light bulbs can only go so far. We need to begin to use what we have with forethought and infinite care. Granted if we recycle and buy only environmentally–friendly products then we have a start, a truly good start to begin to reduce a lot of our damage on the earth.

However, we need products that are produced with ECO flooring in mind, products that are renewable and those that do not use up our precious resources. With this at the forefront of creating ECO flooring, Silikal has designed a renewable floor that has been completely designed to last or even outlast the lifetime of the structure that it is in!

In addition, any company that utilizes Silikal, may very well qualify for LEEDs credits as well. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, and is involved in over 30 various countries. It enables building operators and owners to gain a crisp framework in order to identify and implement measurable and green building design, operations, construction as well as maintenance solutions.

Silikal is extremely proud that their reactive resins are created, manufactured and sell in total conformity to the stringent quality requirements. These requirements were set down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a group that strives to also conserve energy and they set commercial standards. Thus Silikal is exceedingly proud, because after all they worked diligently to consider sustainability issues that range from the use of energy to their careful selection of material, and then gave extremely serious consideration to all points while creating this product.

Not only are Silikal products unmatched for commercial and industrial usage, but they are hygienic, cleanable, safe, durable and have supreme looks and appearance. Their products also provide limited maintenance combined with years of service, thus their products offer users a much lower life cycle cost. Their products cure in less than one hour and in addition the product will bond chemically to itself, thus if repairs are needed, they can be accomplished painlessly and very quickly.

Thus if you seek eco-friendly flooring options, you truly can do no better than to utilize Silikal. Today’s eco flooring from Silikal brings you competitive pricing, varied surfaces, rich colors and they all are good for your health. Many synthetics create room toxicity through a process called outgassing. Usually that’s because volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were utilized. VOCs cause ground level ozone. Silikal will create no outgassing and their products are 100% VOC free.

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