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Silikal America Gives Back: A School’s Sports Program In Need Gets New Floors!!

All Star Kids Deserve All Star Flooring – ESPN “Rise Up” Thinks So Too, So we Decided to Help!

According to Chris Spielman, host of “RISE UP” an ESPN makeover show, Wellston High School, located at 200 Golden Rocket Drive in Wellston, Ohio whose proud colors are blue and gold, was given a gift through its community for their home team, the Golden Rockets, of a refurbished stadium as well as a brand new renovated athletic facility. The makeover as told by “Rise Up,” an ESPN project that helps needy high schools by receiving donations from large companies for not only the materials, but also the expertise as well as some of the sweat equity required for such a large project, brought nervous emotions as well as warm happy tears from the crowd.

Deanne Bell, the construction project manager who also happens to be the co-host of “RISE UP” was quoted as saying, “There were tears, there was laughter, there were screams … there was a whole gamut of emotions here tonight.”

This particular project was essentially led by Brenmar Construction whose part-owner, Andy Graham, is a Wellston graduate. He among many contractors and local businesses, such as Silikal America flooring, donated their time and effort to transform athletic facilities that are in desperate need of their miracle. So desperate in fact that many spoke of the chance those students would get hurt utilizing the old and truly decrepit equipment! Everything was in total disrepair with no hope of being able to afford to fix it.

It was not only the football team who were shocked at their new facilities, but the cheerleaders also who were totally awed by the new facilities. Tape and photos of the “old” facilities show broken down stadium seating, leaking facilities, and wrecked facilities for everyone, mostly from the ravages of simple old age. Wellston superintendent Karen Boch said “We are Wellston Rockets and we stick together no matter what,” and that’s really what this small town is like, they do all stick together, and do so very proudly but that’s very difficult when money is so scarce.

What Wellston ended up with was amazing. They now have a gorgeous functioning girls locker room, brand new equipment, new uniforms and even a new football field that actually features irrigation. No wonder the townspeople are so happy that many cried.

Those kids whose amazing makeover of their own athletic facility did not end there. The high school students got together to work on the playground located at their elementary school. They exerted most of the day re-mulching the entire playground in an effort to pass on the huge donations that were made to their own school by the community. Lesson well learned is the feeling those who watched the other makeovers of other schools. The lessons are not only heartwarming but speak very highly of each community involved. Simply put, Wellston gave back!

Wellston in Ohio shares the “RISE UP’ makeover with other schools as well such as Dorchester Academy located in Boston, Dyett in Chicago and Ingraham located in Seattle. “RISE UP” airs at 7 p.m. ET Tuesdays on ESPN. They give other schools the chance to rebuild, reach out, and rise up!

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