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Wet Room Flooring For The Wettest Of Rooms

If The Room Is Wet This Flooring Is Your Best Bet!

Flooring for a wet roomDrain in wet room flooring.

It never ceases to amaze me how we in the United States mean one thing when we speak or write, yet in the United Kingdom it means something different and of course vice versa. A wet room in the U.S. is where the youngsters come in from playing in the snow and leave all their soggy snow and ice covered clothing to drip, however in the UK it refers to a special room that has been converted to a walk in shower, or perhaps a roll-in shower for the handicapped in wheelchairs.

Either way, whether used for commercial storage of wet clothing perhaps in a boarding school for instance, or a huge commercial shower room, wet room flooring needs to be completely seamless. In such a wet room, you need a floor that will be totally hygienic and thus Silikal fits that bill exactly.

You see a Silikal floor will not allow mildew or bacteria the ability to begin to form upon wet room flooring. Its smooth surface is completely free from pinholes and any other means that will allow the flooring to collect matter.

In addition, wet room flooring has to be easy to keep clean. Silikal flooring can withstand all manner of nasty chemicals used to clean such floors. Even more importantly, flooring in any kind of wet room must be free of dirt and bacteria, but Silikal offers the opportunity to take care of all cleaning and odor problems because it is totally seamless.

Finally, Silikal is the best wet room flooring available because it is also slip resistant, a very important consideration wherever a floor is wet! In this respect, any Silikal wet room flooring is beautiful, simple to clean and slip resistant to boot whether used to hang up drippy clothing and boots, or for a shower room!

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